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Following ourselves home – a dance ceremony
“The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet come to ask ~ Nancy Newhall
We will dive into the mystery of taking the dance called walking into Nature.
This is where we begin our journey together.
In nature we are invited to become truth speakers beginning from the preferred language of the body and re-connect with the Big Mamma under our feet. We get to hear her heart beat and take her magnificence back to the dance floor. Rooted, widened and opened.
The embodied discoveries we had will be shared in movement and stillness.
We will meet places hidden – maybe forbidden – by surrendering, breathing, seeking the path of effortlessness, pleasurably to go within and love more.
Reclaim the bounce of your dancing heart as an Earth Warrior draped in human skin.Our journey together weaves into a movement tapestry that will find ways and threads into our everyday. More together than alone we share the wild truth of our open hearts with the voices of our bodies. We following ourselves home.

February 13th, 2021 – online
9am-12.30pm PST / noon-3.30pm EST / 17-20.30 UK / 18-21.30 CET
Location: in Nature & your favourite dance space.

Earth has got you on her shoulders 
sit down right here
right where you are
sensing ground under you
allow her, allow earth to grow though you your feet.
receive her
receive all that is given to you
let her move through you as a soft weave of energy through your legs, through your genitals, up through your belly, your sitting bones, your buttocks, up through your whole spine
and let it enter your heart
yes, right there in that beautiful center of your chest
where your life force energy is being pulsed around one heart beat after the other….
this magnificent body of work that you live in, love for, live with, live as
are you ready?
ready to go out and share that story, that light, that message, that only you so uniquely carry 
you are important
what is close to your heart? that which makes your heart sing is an inspiration for everyone around you.
let your heart fill with energy from earth”
~ a writing by Camilla

May is approaching fast…

Two years of learning, un-learning and re-learning with this amazing movement collective, a family of souls meeting within the dance. Soul Motion® Teacher Training is coming to an end, May 21st to be exact.
It comes to an end and will begin again and again.

The teachings are everywhere and forever unfolding.

I have had the feeling as if everything I ever learned is being torn apart to land re-arranged and re-constructed in me.
I sometimes have had no idea where the class – us in unity – would end.
I have been through journeys of feeling love in greater degree than ever before followed by the deepest self-disgust, self-hatred and non-love. I have been digging into the deepest fears of never having enough to the total bliss of sensing that we are all One.
Old habit of doing has showed its face, smacking my face with judgement and impatience, eager to label non-doing with laziness and being unstructured to then re-orientate myself into “the less I do the more happens” If I make that choice.

It is when I get stuck in the habit, caught in the emotional drama, far from what is really happening, disconnecting myself from the whole, that my lack of direction, loss of focus happens.
I get weak and tired as the inner voice is blabbering with old tunes of not good enough.
I am doing it all myself, I am the one to blame and the one who can change that tune.

Instead of battling that voice, I welcome it – I invite it in at the buffet.
Let her be moved.
That’s where acceptance happens and the shift of perspective happens.
“I am one with all one” the phrase of The Dance Infinate, the dance where I devote myself to the experience, one element or everything experienced on the floor and bring it into my everyday.

I am ok. I am allowed. I am love.
I dare to be and recognize the pain under my skin and meanwhile recognize it in those around me.

This morning I took a half step back and began again in my Mindful Movement 8am morning journey.
Maybe the time of the day, that special morning vibe that did the magic. Maybe the words below made the room unfold as well as my new flower nourished every day from now on and ahead – acceptance.

When allowing, accepting, not expecting nor intending I was touched by grace.
With one hand reaching out and one hand reaching in, I am overflowing with love
Here’s the words that we dived into, surrounded us with as we took a step in all directions.

May this note from my heart be in ever inspiration….

We cannot transform our lives, unless we allow them to be transformed by that stroke of grace. It happens; or it does not happen. And certainly it does not happen if we try to force it upon ourselves, just as it shall not happen so long as we think, in our self-complacency, that we have no need of it. Grace strikes us when we are in great pain and restlessness. It strikes us when we walk through the dark valley of a meaningless and empty life. It strikes us when we feel that our separation is deeper than usual, because we have violated another life, a life which we loved, or from which we were estranged. It strikes us when our disgust for our own being, our indifference, our weakness, our hostility, and our lack of direction and composure have become intolerable to us. It strikes us when, year after year, the longed-for perfection of life does not appear, when the old compulsions reign within us as they have for decades, when despair destroys all joy and courage. Sometimes at that moment a wave of light breaks into our darkness, and it is as though a voice were saying: ​​
“You are accepted. You are accepted, accepted by that which is greater than you, and the name of which you do not know. Do not ask for the name now; perhaps you will find it later. Do not try to do anything now; perhaps later you will do much. Do not seek for anything; do not perform anything; do not intend anything. Simply accept the fact that you are accepted!” If that happens to us, we experience grace. After such an experience we may not be better than before, and we may not believe more than before. But everything is transformed. In that moment, grace conquers sin, and reconciliation bridges the gulf of estrangement. And nothing is demanded of this experience, no religious or moral or intellectual presupposition, nothing but acceptance.
~ Paul Tillich’s Sermon Shaking the Foundations