Embodied Permission · conscious relating
–  couples sessions –


Sessions for couples, lovers or those in intimate relationships.

These sessions are about seeing and being seen. Through embodied presence you will witness eachother.
The switch to our souls is turned back on and when in the company of our lover the language of our bodies gets to be speak.

We land in the body. We practice speaking in a somatic language – there, the playful field that opened the first time you received one another comes in re-union.

Where other practitioners might give you tools for what to do, Embodied Permission · conscious relating is a space for you to be – held and invited – for nourishing and flourishing all that you are alone and together as a couple.

The ways to deepen, open, explore and expand our unique way of relating as a couple are infinite. The paths to strengthen the intimate play of lovers are limitless. What are your dreams and desires?

Couple sessions are 1-3 months journeys and/or uniquely tailored to suit your needs.
Book a discovery call to bring back the passion and intimacy in your relationship.


Welcome to Embodied Permission sessions with Camilla – a safe and sacred space.
Here you can book sessions for men, women, and couples. Your sessions are created for you to have a deeply personal experience.
Please read the guidelines before booking a session.

Welcome to contact me for further consultation and to see if we are a fit.


  • Sessions are for you who want to grow, learn, and are ready to live your desired life!

  • A session is up to 2 hours

  • No refund if cancellation within 24h