Following ourselves home – a dance ceremony


“The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet come to ask ~ Nancy Newhall
We will dive into the mystery of taking the dance called walking into Nature.
This is where we begin our journey together.
In nature we are invited to become truth speakers beginning from the preferred language of the body and re-connect with the Big Mamma under our feet. We get to hear her heart beat and take her magnificence back to the dance floor. Rooted, widened and opened.
The embodied discoveries we had will be shared in movement and stillness.
We will meet places hidden – maybe forbidden – by surrendering, breathing, seeking the path of effortlessness, pleasurably to go within and love more.
Reclaim the bounce of your dancing heart as an Earth Warrior draped in human skin.Our journey together weaves into a movement tapestry that will find ways and threads into our everyday. More together than alone we share the wild truth of our open hearts with the voices of our bodies. We following ourselves home.


February 13th, 2021 – online
Location: in Nature & your favourite dance space.
18.00-21.30h CET
9am-12.30pm PST / noon-3.30pm EST / 17-20.30 UK / 18-21.30 CET

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