InBody Business – Moving motivation
Creating Leadership Sustainability. We tailor a refined program to empower you as a leader and/or your team.
Developing leadership presence, creating clarity in communication, leading from center and attention to the detail are the few of InBody Business stand tall for.

Whether in business or in life we wish to see you fully alive and having your arrow pointed on purpose – work:life potentiality.
We will turn the switch for our inner compass back on.

Inspiration for your team.

  • awareness and adaptability
  • more joy at work and in life
  • knowing their brilliances, gifts and wishes
  • new energy and in open curiosity
  • teachings easy to apply in the everyday
  • re-sourced by having all in play
  • effectivity · creativity · energy · excitement · succes · effortlessness · forceless · more creativity

We call it Moving Motivation inBody at work.
Moving Motivation is a radical transformational leadership beginning from and returning to the body.
You will come awake and your team, your family and loved ones will awaken with you – we call it more together than alone.

This is not another to do – you and your team become the change you wish to experience. Moving Motivation works with the body as a tool to bypassing the critical mind. We restore neural pathways or life force energy can free flow and our conscious stream of creativity is re-ignited.

We merge with our yes rather than moving away from our no.

Moved motivated through various mindfulness and lifestyle practices we kick old ways into newness. Autopilots, hidden drivers, our habituated go tos – that which might have become hidden to us – is seen and being seen through the eyes of one another. Moving Motivation consist of teachings easy to apply in life and at work and can be done in any groups of CEOs, leaders, teams of employees etc open and curious to being moved to motivation.


The Why:
The intention is a new and more sustainable way of taking self-leadership at work and in life.
The focus – getting all of you in play.

The time now is more ripe than ever for us to take a step away from solely achievement based by my will, by my mind business strategy that have ended up exhausting most of us. The cost being lack of inspiration, motivation, drive and creativity – for some a bi-product stress and burn out.

InBody Business opens new doorways to enter and develop sustainable leadership presence at work and in our everyday.

We wish for your company to turn inward and begin from YES. From there the branches of your organization stretch into the future – everyone on common ground. It all begins with a yes.

Contact me for a inspirational talk about opportunities for you and fitting the snap shot of the now moment.
The program is tailored for you, your empowerment as a leader and for we will pinpoint the program directly for your team’s need.

Let’s begin the conversation to see if your organization will be taking new InBody Business steps

Course led by:
Copenhagen born Camilla Steen Larsen carries the torch of 30+ years of experience in teaching movement, living meditation, motivation, somatic mentoring and embodied leadership. When it comes to her skills in group processes she is old school.
Coordinator in one of the leading fitness club, chef de la cuisine, designer of her own movement clothing line, creator and founder of the Mastering of Self training and the former owner of Be moved – a beautiful movement space in the heart of Copenhagen.

She traveled throughout Europe and the US as well as teaching in Denmark where the last years made a 180° turn. So resting and nourishing her roots to water she intends to let Embodied Permission and InBody Business unfold in her home country.


–> “When in a room with Camilla you are in a remix of embodied leadership, a master teacher expertise, storytelling and an abundant well of inspirations. This weaved into what is happening in the room and always wildly rooted in the body, makes a training with Camilla a refreshing new way of personal development and leadership refinement led with immense presence.”

 –> “Camilla welcomes you with open arms to her heart. Her presence, her skillset and the toolbox she honestly shares from creates a safe and relaxed space where everyone feels seen and everybody is included in bringing their uniqueness. She delivers the practice eye to eye level, with clarity and an absolutely exquisite attention to the detail.”

–> “Meet Camilla in person and you will experience permission embodied – a woman who reads the field and adds what is needed rather than sticking to a plan of bullet points.”

–> “Alone and together we co-create the space and all is necessary” she says and refers to it as the everyday dance.”


If you wanna go fast, go alone, if you wanna go far, go together
–  Native proverb