“I am Camilla, I teach joy for living and conscious movement is my passion brought in this world as a language to come one step closer ourselves.
Soul Motion Foundations teacher, certified Nia Black Belt Teacher, Wellbeing Lifestyle Educator, trained in the Biyun-method Qi-Going – a more than 5000 years old Chinese healing method are some of the dry facts about me.
Dance was my preferred language from I was three years old and I am humbled to be carrying the torch of so many brilliant teachers.

Camilla Steen Larsen passionately lives her dream of bringing dance as lifestyle to the world as an entry to come one step closer to ourselves.
She believes that every single one of us are unique and make a difference. Camilla brings over 30 years of experience in teaching movement, dance and  life change.
She began teaching hip/hop and aerobics in 1989 which set her on a path that includes multiple body-based trainings and the eventual creation of Be moved studio in Copenhagen where she teaches and shares her work of conscious movement as a way of living.

In 2006 after a big life change Camilla went to Nia® International Headquarter in Portland, Oregon where she met the founders of Nia and took her first belt the Nia White Belt. The path was chosen. She knew that the bridge between dance, expression of self, along with the stillness and presence from Qi-Gong was found. This led her all the way to becoming a Nia Black Belt teacher.

In 2010 Camilla opened lovely StudioNiaCph – later re-named Be moved – with the intent to create a space for all of us to come home, land and let go of any accomplishment. The tone was set for making Joy of Movement a conscious choice and in coming unveiled stepping out of the habitual by learning through the body.

After opening her studio Camilla met Soul Motion® and it took a long, inspirational deep dive staying a student and attending as many workshops she could for five years before she stepped in to the Soul Motion School program in 2015. Camilla became a certified Soul Motion teacher in 2017 and was until March 2021 been part of staff at the Soul Motion School supporting graduates in their continued practice, assisting at teacher trainings and serving as an alumni coordinator.

Her skills are many and yet, through the invitation to re-write our story it took a global pandemic for Camilla to put her stake in the ground and say, “I am here to teach”. Escavating her true why. I am here to let you know your voice is not only neccessary, but so desperately needed to sing us out of this muddle.
Camilla says: I matter, you matter, we matter.

Camilla has an interesting life story and her personal journey has led her to the creation Embodied Permission.
Through the at times edgy terrain of leading with pleasure she desires for us to meet in our not so polished selves knowing that what is in the way often is the way.
Camilla is a great inspiration for many people with her devoted courage to see and be seen in her vulnerability, honest and sincere way.

She is invited to facilitate on international dance floors across the globe connecting communities of different movement modalities in a creative, raw, honest and loving way. Her heart strongly beats for the power of leaning into the arms of community to learn from one another – in our true colors.

“May you know for certain that even as you stand by yourself, you are not alone.”
– Toko-pa Turner
(From Belonging)

“ Listen to the wind, it talks.
Listen to the silence, it speaks.
Listen to your heart, it knows.” 
~ Native American Proverb