Group Programs
in the field of Embodied Permission

The first program of Embodied Permission is here.
We named it R.E.A.L.
re:turn · re:connect · re:claim

R.E.A.L. is the first program launched under the wings of Embodied Permission.
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Held and invited between heaven and Earth we warmly welcome you in the open field of embodied permission
– limitlessness awaits. 


Group programs in the field of Embodied Permission are:

An in between.
A held space for home coming.
A hearth of belonging for you to return.

Return in after the crazy journey of changes, shifts, uncertainties.
The calling we hear.
The little death we all have felt.
The new beginnings and painful losses. They are all part of the new world we are in. 

The call for you and I to re-invent ourselves. 

There will be a loving field for a landing and lowering that which has been held – carried as our beautiful bodies natural response to a complete new world for some of us. 

The changes we’ve lived live in our tissue.
We will let the old dissolve to widen for the new.

A safe space to grow roots for new branches.

To celebrate also when nothing seems to be there to celebrate. 

To open the floodgates for life to be lived through us. 

The opening to more even when at times it feels like we will break – and darling, we are – we are breaking open and hopefully we remain that way. 

It is a circle. A Council for us to be deeply felt in the openings. Mainly to land in the deep knowing that we are not alone. 

What we are living is our story and it – WE – deserve to be seen and heard. When held and invited in the hearts of the R.E.A.L. council we get to be in moving in a new frequency. 

R.E.A.L. is the first program launched under the wings of Embodied Permission.

re:turn · re:connect · re:claim

offered as a 6 week online program
Beginning April 4th 
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Held & Invited
2 day workshop
June 11-12
The first in-person group program is here.
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Welcome in the field invitation with your first inspirations
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