Hearing the Heart Beat of Earth
Dance mini re:treat in Lörrach
with Annette Girps & Camilla
Step into a great experience of a collaboration with Camilla and Annette for YOU and for Mother Earth – a re:treat of yourself.
In this mini re:treat we plant the seeds to nourish through that which already supports us, Earth  – she got us on her shoulders.
We discover through deep body practices connecting with our inner wild truth. Our dreams and deep desires are set in motion beginning and returning from earth as we allow her to move through us and as us.
The movement inquries will be weaved with embodied writing bridging body and Earth with words. We will share and be moved by the individual and the collective stories that are emerging.
Us coming in unity weaves into a collective movement tapestry of words and moving shapes in space – connected with something bigger than ourselves – will find ways and threads into our everyday
Can you hear the heart beat of the earth under your feet? 
Ask her where to next. Where do you receive the answer?
Let us fill our heart with energy from Earth. Ready to go out and share the story, that light, that message, that only you and I so uniquely carry into the world.
Not only are we important, we are so necessary as we take Remembership. 
We become earth warriors, the sacred rebels in hearing the heart beat of Earth, the waters of our belly one with the waters of earth. 
We welcome you in a journey of infinite inspirations. 
Please bring an open heart and a soft belly. No previous experience is necessary, only your curiosity and desire to move and be moved. 
For any questions please reach out to us. 
We are always easy to find. Annette: annettegirps@gmail.com or Camilla: camilla@be-moved.dk
June 2, 2023
Friday 18.00 – 19.30 Opening class with Camilla and Annette
Friday 19.30 – 20.30 Prosecco & Togetherness 
June 3, 2023
Saturday 10.00 – 17.00 Workshop & shared Lunch
Yogaloft, Arndtstr. 12, Lörrach
Friday Night only: € 60.
Saturday only: € 150.
Both days: € 185,— (Early bird till April 30, 2023 – ONLY for both-day-bookings)
Via www.spektrum-weil.de – Veranstaltungen