Friends – Soul Motion® is the lifework of Vincent Martínez-Grieco. – Michael and Anneli Molin-Skelton Soul Motion and Open Floor and their miracle called Jaylan, my best friend beautiful beings touching my heart and soul over and over again.

edgar – friend and fellow traveller. The one that got me onto the Soul Motion dance floor. A great inspiration and I’m forever grateful.

transformative dance – Zuza Engler – a journey across the ever changing landscape og the body through the soul in motion. Dear teacher of mine and a great inspiration in relationships, movement and love. – a love at first sight when stepping onto the dance floor with Kathy Altman and Lori Salzman in their fantastic community in Marin, CA.

madrona mind body institute – well being and moving art center in port townsend and home of the Soul Motion School. – Nia’s international website. Find teachers and trainings. – Nia Belt Trainings and skillful workshops worldwide.