Write a way – embodied permission in writing
Delivered three times a week to your door


Something is freed when writing faster than the inner critic can keep up with.
All we have to do is to keep up with the words that come getting a lot of ink onto the page.
We unzip our souls and the truth about ourselves that comes onto the page ripples into our every day – finding a better word all belongs to editing.
Permission slip given to write poorly and show up on the page in sweat pants and your belly hanging.

· Three times a week you receive a video
with a poem, a writing prompt and jump off line

· Two times this month we meet in Zoom we write together and read to each other. You can write in your language
(Over Zoom – Monday July 12 and 26 17-18h central european time /  9am-10am)

A time just for you. No one has to read it. Nothing to turn in. Just getting a lot of ink onto the page.

We will learn how to:

· Follow our intuition, letting it guide the words coming out of you.
· Fall into the flow of unedited writing and get a little lost.
· Put some skin in the game, tell the truth on the page.
· Let go of the concept of good or bad writing and simply write.
· We learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable so you can stay with the writing even when you don’t like it.


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