6 week DanceSomatics training

Live · love · lead

And I finally showed up in my life
And it’s halfway through
And that’s how long it takes

To undress myself of everything
Everything that is not mine

Unclothed at last
I am here
At the centre of my own life
At the centre of my own life”
~ Jane Pujji

a journey through the body that will clear constructs and limiting beliefs. We get to follow ourselves home:
Through the body we learn we practice enhanced listening and build bridge into the dance of our everyday.

It is not another to do – You become the change you have been waiting for. 

·  meet and greet the joy, the play, the magic of you in all your uniqueness.
· open the gateway for your effortless stream of creation and everything will change.
· find your yes and let play, pleasure, effortlessness be you guide –  here our dance begins.

Your true desires are revealed and every breath you take is aligned with what you wish to experience.
For years we been in paradigm of needing to work for wealth. We ask money for permission, we might flick flack between punishing and rewarding ourselves. For years we have forgot giving ourselves permission to receive all that is right at our hands. Through years of taught doingness and getting the work done we have found ourselves struggling. What if we landed and rather than what we are creating discovered from where we create? We stepped into a new year 2020 behind us. A year that got us out of the habitual – we begin again and as we awaken the world awakens with us.

This course will change your life without you thinking about it – it becomes who you are.

Self as your new master

Are you curious about what lies behind your next exhale? See and be seen in what might have been hidden? Be tuned in and turned on and join a group where we celebrate your unique dropness, we let life be our teacher, we unleash the dancer within you, we dissolve the illusion that anything outside of us has more power over us and lastly but certainly not least we open, we allow, we receive.

How much are we allowing ourselves to receive. Can we dissolve the limited constructs and awaken to the abundant, infinite creator we are.
It can sound like a giant leap, but it is very simple and intruder for it to much through you, we let our bodies be the form through and as which we make it unfold.


A few things we hold sacred

We breathe • We listen • We dance • We learn We unlearn • We begin again and again

· Self love · self appreciation
· Joy of movement as a conscious choice
· Stages of truth telling
· Relational embodiment
· Clarity in communication
· Mess to success – there are no mistakes

“I found me again. Rather than having the “attractions” of the everyday have a hold in me, I learned to sense who I truly am when letting go of the control. This course has become my path to connect the little girl and the shaman within. By feeling the opposites of fear, control, mental chatter as well as peace, pausing and being led without knowing where to, I came home to my heart. Now I act from here – even when caught in old stories and thoughts”

~ Lotte Korsgaard participant


Awaken and experience yourself in more joy, pleasure and play in moving the unraveling of you.
Through the body we learn.

13 Elements of Mastering of Self
• Breath – your internal support
• Melting the core – nervous system relaxation
• Open – joints as energy portals
• Earth – place of belonging
• Pausing in presence – richness in stillness
• Joy of movement – everything goes
• Desire – somatic imagination
• Relating – love or fear choices
• 360° awareness – expanding your field
• Self healing – developmental anatomy
• Rituals – yes. begin again
• Truthtelling – about everything to everybody
• Formless form – lifeforce being moved

No previous experience is necessary only your curiosity and desire to move and be moved.

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6 week video course – taught in our platform w/ weekly live calls

Live Call Dates will be every Saturday / Sunday fitting time zones
Live calls will be recorded and uploaded for a later review.

Our journey begins on the magical date March 21st, 2021


Initiation Module
“The opening”


Module 1 – ROOTING
– The base & Earth
“Setting the tone”


Module 2 – WIDENING
– Heart as a dancer
“Wait and Listen”


Module 3 – ORIENTING
– Relating in 360°
“The circle is everywhere”


Module 4 – INTENDING
– Attention & Intention
“Breath made visible”


Module 5 – EMOTING
– Core Listening
“Following creative space”

Module 6 – BRIDGING
– Leading in you everyday
“It begins with yes”



$495 (payment installments optional)

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