Embodied Permission: Untethered

– a way of devotion
In our yearning and longings our desires lie ready to come awake.
We get to reveal them through giving permission, embodied letting our needs come visible – untethered.


Imagine this:
More life source coursing through you.
Tension held in the body to be released.
Unarmouring your throat for your voice to be freed.
Your nervous system feeling safe and held by the solid ground beneath you as you let yourself come visible.
To see and be seen in all that you are.
From a place of ground and rootedness the held back coming untamed as you drop into yourself.
Getting to feel what it means to be witnessed in your depths and yearning.
Untethered of the habituated ways of having to do in order to get.

The Form:
Through somatic practices, movement inquiry and what we call play on purpose, we get to open wider and deepen in surrender and receptivity.
You will learn new tools that will expand everything you thought possible about being with your inner world living in the deep body.
How much can we allow ourselves to receive?
Embodied Permission: Untethered is a journey.
In the depths of us where the genderless masculine and feminine has their eternal dance is where the power – yours and mine -resides.
Life is not about getting, it is about letting.

How is it done?
In a brave space we will relax open to all that is wishing to be felt so that desires living in the deep body can be set in motion.
We open the floodgates of our creative stream of consciousness.
In the fertile soil of your deep body you can seed your intentions and with pleasure as your inner compass needle you get to rest to water your roots for all that you are to come into luscious bloom – everywhere.

Untethered Fridays @NAYA
Duration: 2h30 min, 18:00-20:30
August 11, September 22, October 6, November 3

Location: NAYA CPH, Bülowsvej 50A, 1870 Frederiksberg C
Price: 350 dkk/Friday

Register here: