Embodied Permission: Untethered  
an un-armouring connective tissue journey. 
A release of the deep body tissue 
The memories and stories we told or been told stored in the body will reveal our innate power within. 
The tamed residing within us, our voices to be heard. 
Us to be witnessed in community- in a council within a safe container. 
We get to show up in our not so polished selves and follow the conscious stream of creativity always free flowing.
Self practices to be taking at your own leisure. 
A brave space, a safe container, where all that emerges is us surrendering open – everything we carry lives in the human bodily shape in space. 
Untethered we get to lead from within when the connective tissue of our soft animal body is relaxed, we are coming awake to what was dormant here to love it more! We practice being in the safe side of the nervous system – when not, we learn to always know how to find our way back
Taking quantum teachings into 3D through the most powerful energy we have.
Way of devotion 
In our yearning and longings lie our desires. 
We reveal them through giving permission letting our needs come visible – untethered. 
The seamingly outside ourselves responds to our intentions set in motion. 
Making breath our lover. How would you receive your love(r)? Where is love needed? 
Where are you longing for presence?

We move energy in our dance intimate in dialogue with that around us.

For the ones who are ready to leave the tension behind

One month online course
10 teachings
audio recordings
3 LIVE calls
Opening and closing ritual


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