Last year – the year of celebrating my 25 years of teaching – 10 years with Nia – 6 years on my own bamboo floor, I finished the first part of the Soul Motion® embodied leadership program.
When finishing the last module, my teachers asked if I considered to move ahead.
Not one cell in my body was in doubt.
I wanted to explore more, I wished to take next steps in becoming a teacher of this movement form touching my soul’s deep layers, sacred spaces never before visited.


There I was in the last day of Teacher Training Module 1. We were asked to check the roster if our emails were correct.
I read my email connected to my for almost seven years perfect fitting name ‘Studio Nia Copenhagen’.
With a short but solid shiver my body showed me to re-arrange the familiar a new name needs to be born.


The weeks after returning from the training I danced the waves.
Curios added a little impatience, I waited for the ideas to unfold – and oh, they did.
What to name it then? As the weekend passed and my dear friend and teacher Michael compassionately taught a weekend workshop it came.


Right there on the sofa with movie and pop-corn
When going to my thinking mind – the one wanting to find the “right reasons”, it all made sense:
I opened the studio in 2010, right after renovating it all, my Mom got sick with cancer. Six Months later the studio was flooded for the first time with 120cm water – new beginning.
Re-opening end of 2011. Being with my Mom, enjoying every week with her until she died in 2013. Half a year after, summer of 2014, second flood!


In the fall of 2014 re-opening – again
In May 2015 after a long love affair with workshops nourishing my Nia and movement as a lifestyle practice my entry to the Soul Motion School began.


I love that I get to re-begin. Learn new skills and re-vistiting old teachings from a new perspectives
Back in 2010 the name was for a studio to teach Nia
Later Soul Motion, YogaStretch, 1:1 private sessions and Mastery of Self has surfaced… so yea, the studio will re-begin as well


If you wonder… Yes, all precautions are done for no water to enter again
I did hear the signs of maybe flood number two was a time to re-locate.
But no, I chose this magical location with lovely windows, my own little garden, a unique space – and I’m here to stay!


Entering December as 2016 danced its last dances, I dared to ask the lady who I always wished for to help me with my “ visual look”
Thank you Anneli Molin-Skelton.
This creative process of creating The New has been an amazing journey both on the in- and outside of my skin.
I could not have wished for a better angel and co-driver holding and supporting me the way you do.
So as the studio’s ends a cycle, turning 7 years the 6th of February 2017 the new name will launch
I find that the new name embraces and holds all that I in deep honor share.
Both as space, for classes, workshops, inspirations for moving through life, I welcome you to Be moved movement · joy · life


Dive into the pages and feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or questions
For every one that have cheered and assisted in this journey I bow and thank you deeply


From Copenhagen with love,

Skriv et Svar

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