Soul Motion®: Unwound  
– a conscious dance re:treat with Camilla
Unwind [ən-​ˈwau̇nd]
 :I to undo or be undone after winding or being wound. To relax after a period of work or tension.
A re:treat Camilla calls a Loveolution. 
We will move in to move out. Go down to move up. Rest our roots to water.
Through the body and free writing the pen simply keeps up with the conscious stream of words – the ink lands unedited onto the page as we move to empty and fill the canvas of life.
We practice being comfortable being uncomfortable and in the unzipping of our souls not only are we needed in our fumbling, we are so necessary as we meet the world heart first.
What desires to be written through you as you a story of this now freed, unleashed?
Pleasure becomes our inner compass needle. We imbue pleasure into dissolving disappointments of the past, the bad assery of doingness – unwound we open, allow and receive that which desires to freely move through us.
We will include Nature in our movement ceremony and move with music on the floor as well as to the big sound of silence.
Our masculine and feminine essences meet in a sacred union as we loosen the tight grip of learnt ways and open the floodgates for desires to free flow through us – the masculine go to feminine flow.
We will practice keeping a soft gaze within a 360° view. 
We go from the achievement – quite exhausting at times – based “by me cosnsciousness to “through me” and “as me”. 
An amazing weekend awaits where we will move, write, sit, be, see and be seen in our everythingness.
Embodied Quintessence – pleasure, purpose, play. How much can we allow myself to receive?


Unwound re:treat: October 1, 2, 3 2021


Soul Motion® class: ReUnion with Camilla
September 30th Helsinki
Investment: 55€

With equal attention and without preference we send our attention in all directions.
We play with rooted, devoted, united and give embodied permission to come in ReUnion within.
We move and the world moves with us.


190€  +accomodations(144€)
include Thursday class in Helsinki: 220€  +accomodations(144€)