Soul Motion®: Unveiled

“Mirror mirror what beauty do others see in me that I myself yet can not?” ~ Elisa Barry 

Unveiled is an invitation and exploration to dance, to wait and to listen for the voice of your heart.We will curiously listen to what is present and through the dance shake off what is not needed anymore. What is ready to be lit will unfold as we brave through the wilderness alone and together – unveiled. We will discover the cozy confines of comfort as well as flirting with the edges of growth and are encouraged to tell the story of who we are with our whole heart. Together we can surrender to seeing and being seen by self and other in our vulnerability, give voice to our truths and show up for ourselves, another, the community and spirit. 

Soul Motion workshop is a free form movement experience. We will play and move in all directions with equal attention, both alone and together as a community. Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice that views movement creativity as an inherent expression for every body. Awaken yourself to joy, to increased pleasure in moving your body to a new uncovering of You. No previous experience is necessary, only your curiousity and desire to move and be moved.

When; Saturday April 25, 2020 11-16pm
Where: Western sky, 2525 8th St, Berkeley

For registration michael z at: and Camilla at: