Soul Motion®: Room to Bloom

Room to Bloom will set us on the path of life as dance.

What makes our hearts sing? What lights our fire? Can we follow our body’s lead?

Experience the blend of movement modalities Nia and Soul Motion.
We are invited to let go of what is no longer needed to pause, wait and listen in the gap between no longer and not yet. It becomes a room the bloom – the canvas for your movement artistry – what a great place to begin from to always return to. Every voice, every sensation can be heard and expressed in this room for you as we give attention to our intention. We come one step closer to ourselves, consciously setting our intent and seed our wishes and desires.
We will see and be seen in our vulnerability as well as being receptive for the fragility of another showing up for ourselves, other, the community and spirit. 
No prior dance practice is required to attend this weekend, all you need is your body and you will be extra prepared.
See you within the dance…. 

Camilla passionately she lives her dream of bringing dance as a lifestyle to the world as an entry to come one step closer to ourselves. She believes that every single one of us are unique and make a difference.

Camilla brings over 25 years of experience in teaching movement, dance and life change. She is a licensed Nia (Black Belt) teacher and a certified Soul Motion teacher. 

Sunday September 1st, 2019
“Bloom” Nia Class 

Sunday September 1st, 2019
“Room to Bloom” Playshop

Nia Class: 25€
Samstag Playshop: 50€
Nia und Playshop: 65€

Registration: Gesa Pankonin: