Soul Motion®: Naked

“and the day came when the desire to remain tight in a bud grew more painful than the risk it takes to blossom – Anaïs Nin

Free yourself from your human skin and be embraced in the remembrance of your divinity. Nested in mother nature we will meet and be met by the purity of silence as well as of sounds within the music. You and I are invited to become truth speakers beginning from the preferred language of the body. Let us release our guilt, let go of our shame within us about ourselves for these are not ours to carry in this life time. We will meet places hidden – maybe forbidden – by surrendering and breathing and maybe come a step closer to what is next for us – naked. Reclaim your bounce, your dancing heart as an earth warrior draped in human skin. No previous experience is necessary, only your curiousity and desire to move and be moved.

Please bring an open heart and a soft belly to the various ways Naked might express through other souls in motion. We will be moving in a sanctuary in nature and honour her by letting our bodies speak. A safe container is held with clarity as we ride the cosy confines of comfort as well as the edges of discomfort.

ONLINE: April 12, 2020 11am-2pm (pacific time) “in the living room”
LIVE: April 19, 2020 11am-4pm (pacific time) in nature around Mount Tam, Fairfax

Registration: Camilla Steen Larsen at

Camilla passionately lives her dream of bringing dance as a lifestyle to the world as an entry to come one step closer to ourselves. She believes that every single one of us are unique and make a difference. Camilla brings over 25 years of experience in teaching movement and Mastering of Self was birthed through her as a way to live life authenticly with less not enoughness and in much more worthiness.