re:turn · re:connect · re:claim
– an Embodied Permission program
6 week journey of a lifetime

Mondays at 18:00-20:30 (central european time)
April 4, 11,18, 25 & May 2, 9, 2022

9:00am-11.30am Pacific time |  12:00pm New York | London 5pm


“To this world you belong. To this moment, in this place where you already stand, something greater has ushered you”
– Toko-pa Turner

My spine is slower than my head. 
This course is the creation of a through the deep body journey of unlearning.
We will find and explore the ways of forcelessness and ease. The learnt habituated ways will dissolve so that we (again) can let life be lived with play and pleasure. We give permission for all that is wanting to move through us and as us, for desired experiences and the energy bundles they arrive with.
Relaxed open with the tip of our tails dripping, we follow the inspiration and set our intentions in motion. 

The potent pause, the awareness of inspiration that is everywhere. We listen with surround sound-on so to speak. We get to live, love, lead at the pace of our natural time. Rather than getting stuff done, we let things happen.

We open the floodgates for life force energy to free flow, that which is between us and our desires will be met to melt off.
We will become a loving presence for it. We allow ourselves to have the full experience of life being breathed as us.

You matter, we matter and no matter what, where or how our next adventure of life in its extraordinaireness is to move us, it begins from and to always return to the core of you.


We re:turn to re:connect and re:claim what got lost on the way.

We step into the light and leave behind the lurking saboteurs of our beliefs that tend to weave into our next steps –  a perfected skill in adapting and fitting in moving alongside our creativity.
In enhanced listening a new moving moment is born every second, are we available?  The world asks of us to be our fullest, no more doubting, holding back, waiting for the perfect moment – this time is perfect and the time is now

R.E.A.L is an untethering of your voice whether your words are spoken, moved or comes in writing – we are called homeward.
We will spread our wings in their width, depth and length….

What stands in the way between us and what we desire is often our self judgement, disappointments of the past, not until, a story of not enoughness or I am too much, better dim the light to keep others safe…. let’s get R.E.A.L and step through.

We re:turn home, re:connect within and re:claim that which we are here to do –  a dive into the field of our potentiality.
So much is here for us.
More than ever we need to be seen and deeply felt, to re:connect to ourselves, in Nature and with one another. 

This is a journey for you who desire to step over the threshold – alone and together.
6 modules of enhanced listening, nervous system re-balancing, dance, wild writes, un-armouring of our throat and much more….


Module 1:
April 4:
Ritual. Touch. Movement
The base & Earth. Setting the tone.
Our connection to the earth mother. Awaken to your pelvis.


Module 2:
April 11:
 Open. Allow. Receive.
Un-guarding the Heart. Heart as a dancer.
The dance of polarity. Healing the masculine.


Module 3:
April 18
: Root. Reach. Rise.
Relating in 360°. The circle is everywhere.
Planting the seeds for everyday beauty. What is needed?


Module 4:
April 25
: Pleasure. Play. Purpose.
Melting at the core. The vagus nerve
Desired experiences in movement. Listen and follow


Module 5:
May 2:
Live. Love. Lead.
Releasing the throat. Core listening. Following creative space.
Limitlessness in the everyday.


Module 6:
May 9:
Self love. Self Partnership. Self leadership.
We merge with yes, we cross into new worlds.
Constructs and beliefs are collapsed


We will see and be seen in the magical field of Embodied Permission.
All that you bring is not only needed but so necessary as we take Remembership.
For lifetimes tribes have met in circles around the fire, around the stones – we invite you to join around the world for a 6 week life time journey.

This journey is for all feeling called to dive into the deep body tissue.
You might long for a community – a council of kindred spirits – to mirror you.
The time is now for you and I to nourish ourselves and the Earth we are on.

We might be in deep valleys or on mountain tops or somewhere in between –
these 6 weeks is our invitation in to a journey of a lifetime.


6 Mondays over Zoom

Mondays 18.00-20.30 CET – the last 30 mins will be open space, heart seats and/or in silence together.
9am pacific time  /  noon eastern time  / 19.00 helsinki / 5pm london

in a Zoom love affair


2500 DKK / USD385 / EUR333
(can be paid in 3 installments – send me an email for further details)

The price includes
6 weeks · 6 Modules · 10+ hours of mindful journeys · 15+ hours of live workshop calls · 1 individual conversation · private Facebook group and pods
homeplay · writing prompts · opening and closing ceremony …. and more +lifetime access to all recordings.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
If you need financial assistance or for more info or questions please contact me


Questions to dance with…
What is birthing in this now?  
What is coming to surface to be loved, more?
Is there an eagerness to get over and done with something?

I can not wait to be part of the journey of remembering ourselves home.

I am happy to jump on a call with you to see if we are a match. Write me camilla@be-moved.dk

“Nothing is more precious to me than your time, presence, willingness and dedication.
If this journey is for you, you will be present.
In excited love tickles for finally being ready to open the field of Embodied Permission”.
– Camilla

Ready to say “oh yes, can’t wait” click image below


Next online program Fall of 2022 – desire to hear more about Embodied Permission click below
Landing in the Field and first inspirations – Click here

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Camilla Steen Larsen – creator shares about Embodied Permission;

“Woman, foodie, lover, dancer of life would be the short version. I believe that every single one of us are unique and not only are we needed, we are so necessary when remembering ourselves home in this world.

Inspirations from a wide tapestry of movement modalities in the marriage of forceless allowing ourselves to play on purpose is the field of Embodied Permission. There is something waiting for us to enter beyond what we have ever imagined – it opens when given permission.

Embodied Permission was birthed out of breaking open and deciding that less must be more.
A radical transformational journey into your magnificence. We love ahead.
I chose to embrace and love that there will always be more, more life, more creation, more experience to have, more to journey into, more to discover.
This open curiosity becomes an unzipping of our soul – I call it a Loveolution”.


You that came to birth
In order to bring the mysteries back to life

All of you who came to life
To bring the wonder back
Your true voice makes
All the creatures in the world
Very happy!

So please begin to speak – and even sing!
From that place in your heart

And tear the veil off
This moment of becoming