Nia Weekend with Camilla Steen Larsen, Nia Black Belt and Soul Motion Teacher

18-19. August 2017, Türingen, Germany

18th of August 19 – 20.30
Nia Class “Dancing through Life”
A Friday Night Nia Class that will open up your body to sensation.
The focus will be on Balance. We play with 13 joints to find greater Joy of Movement
The Master Class is for EveryBody, no Nia Experience is necessary.
Jump on the wave.
Class and Togetherness with snacks&bubbles
19th of August 11.00 – 14.00 
Nia Playshop 

This Workshop is on Sensation. Sensation is what guides us in Nia. We always want to seek Pleasure and Joy
Joy is a sensation.
The Workshop is divided into three parts, first experience the SENSation of Joy.
Relating to and with Joy and then we practice taking Joy outside the dancefloor and into your livelihood.
“Sensationality” will nurture, heal and condition all of your four bodies physical, mental, emotional, and spirit body.
You will get a solid fundament on the ground principle of Nia.
With this you can get a deeper knowledge of what Nia can do for you and your body.
Your body will vibrantly ride the wave of sensations 
Nia Class “YES
A classic Nia class where we explore 200 bones and 700 muscles ability to find YES!
The ground principle of Nia Joy of Movement will be today’s focus
The class is for EveryBody, no Nia Experience is necessary.
Friday: 1,5h Nia Class (25€)
Saturday: 2,5h Playshop (50€)
Sunday Nia Class (20€)
Full weekend Friday & Saturday: 75€
Saturday PS+Class: 65€ For registration and more info:
Ricarda Müller Wohne: