Moving with Purpose
with Camilla Steen Larsen & Kimberly Arnold 

“Your flaws are beautiful. Your doubts are sacred. It is okay to feel broken and wounded sometimes, it really is. Your pain or discomfort, your sadness, your anger, your fear, are not signs of your failure or spiritual weakness; they are important and precious parts of you that just long to be held in love.”
~ Jeff Foster

Welcome to Moving with Purpose.
Here we practice meeting and greeting our precious parts, our uncertainty, fear, doubt, sadness, anger, resistance, joy, relief and more, through our awareness, our breath and our body. Sometimes we want to move.  Sometimes we pause with loving presence. We listen and wait for further instructions. We invite our whole being to be seen, heard and held in community.

Both of us are honored to meet you in this dance of wholeness – a place to rest or express and be received.  Through freeform movement, we invite the body to speak its 1000 words, sometimes with a single gesture.


Why Move on Purpose?
We both express through conscious movement to attune with our physical and emotional needs, build our resilience and connect in community.  We birthed this program by meeting weekly and allowing our tender parts to be resourced through our own loving attention with support of a witness.
Join us in this discovery where we move and include good days and tough ones.  We offer gentle instruction and inspired music to accompany us along with other curious humans.

We move listening with the body on purpose.
Each month we will choose a theme that we will move together in three LIVE weekly Zoom sessions and integrate with prompts for self practice in our fourth week. Through Moving with Purpose, we offer stand alone classes and monthly series that we will weave into a tapestry of presence throughout the year.

No prior movement experience is required. Bring your body, a journal and your curiosity. Let purpose move through you in dance, stillness, slowing down, taking breaks, sitting in a chair, resting on the floor, all of you are welcome.
Moving with Purpose is time close-in with you, shared with others.


April series 7, 14, 21 – week of April 28 integration.
9.30am – 11 pacific time  /  12.30 – 2pm eastern  /  18.30 – 20.00h central european time / 5.30 – 7pm UK time

We will move with Uncertainty
Where do you meet uncertainty in your life? Where does uncertainty tend to live in your body?

Maybe feeling unsure about moving your tenderness with others?
We welcome to explore what unfolds in our embodied journey of Moving with Purpose.

Your first class is free

Pricing for
 the series:

Drop-in single class: name your price (suggested price $20-25)

Regular price: $75 – 3 LIVE classes + prompts for self practice

Scholarship price : $60 – limited to 5 spaces – 3 LIVE classes + prompts for self practice

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


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About Kimberly:

Kimberly Arnold believes expressing through our body is the pathway back to wholeness.  Even though she grew up studying choreographed dance, Kimberly found freedom through her body in conscious dance where she could open and close, move toward and away and release whatever she was holding.  Kimberly started leading Soul Motion® classes in 2014 and incorporates lessons from her master teachers in Open Floor, Continuum, Aikido, and Tai Chi from her home in Northern California.  Kimberly integrates her 30+ year of business experience with her embodiment practices to help leaders, teams and organizations be more skillful under pressure and navigate complex change with less effort and more ease.


About Camilla

Camilla Steen Larsen lives conscious dance as a lifestyle and a way to be closer to ourselves. She believes that every one of us is unique and necessary. Dance was her preferred language from the age of three.  Camilla brings more than 30 years experience teaching and leading movement as a Soul Motion Teacher, Nia Black Belt, Lifestyle Wellbeing Educator, also trained in the Biyun method and medical QiGong. After owning a beautiful dance space in Copenhagen for 11 years she continues to bring her teaching to dance floors, executive hallways and model runways internationally. During the pandemic she birthed Embodied Permission as a way to live, love and lead through our body every day.