Soul Motion®: Moving stories series with Camilla Steen Larsen
a Thursdays online series with Camilla and the amazing community of story tellers in words and the universal language of the body.

There is a quote from the indigenous people of North America:
Tell me a fact and I will learn.
Tell me a truth and I will believe.
But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.


Each of us has a story to tell. The tales of our travels filled with heroes and heroines, victims and villains, silence and sound. our lives become stunted when we allow ourselves to get stuck within the story. Moving stories is an opportunity to unlock what has become fixed by adding movement moments to the narratives which have bound us to the past.

Through movement and story telling we will practice using the pause to illuminate what has lurked in the shadows, 360° awareness to widen what may have become narrow and take inspiration from others to echo what has remained silent or forbidden.

Whether the stories being moved are written within our bodies or as ink landing onto the page you and I are being called homeward.
“We get to let go of the heavy cloak of worry, doubt and getting it rightness and we show up in not so polished selves.
It ain’t always pretty, but it is beautiful”.

“Nothing compares to the sensation of being alive in the company of others. It is God breathing on the embers of our soul”
– Mark Nepo

Thursdays – online – new dates January
January 6, 13, 20, 27
9am – 11.00am pacific time  /  noon – 2pm eastern  /  18 – 20.00h central european time / 5-7pm london

Price: $170 for the series

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A story from Jeffree about Moving Stories: Moving Stories taught by Camilla is a truly wonderful conscious movement course. Wonderful in the sense that “wonder” fuels the moving stories that weave in, out and through the class sessions.
Openness to the body’s desires and the mind’s telling of stories mesh beautifully in the space Camilla lovingly holds for all participants.
My sense of wonder was nourished by Moving Stories, and Camilla’s teachings have led to the expansion of my inner life. The pandemic shrunk my world; Moving Stories helped me find ways out – into the world and into my heart and soul.”

A story from Ruth about Moving Stories: With one class, I knew I had found my way to what I needed. Camilla lovingly crafts a field of the sacred and the silly with a wise, abiding presence. Through gentle, inspired guidance and writing prompts, she beautifully invites the both/and, the grief, the rage, the joy, the pleasure, and everything in between.
The combination of Soul Motion and writing has been powerful. In a time of dramatic transition and reclamation, I was shown the way to her bold, compassionate teaching. She is a vital healer on my path to greater well-being as a woman, and as a healer myself. I am grateful for the space she provides for my most creative, empowered self to be seen, heard, and valued.