Mastery of Self: Attention & Intention Workshop

Attention & Intention
“Breath made visible”

“Wherever you are is the entry point” – Kabir

This module 4 of the Mastery of Self training is open for every one curious to discover and uncover what might have become hidden for us.

We will play within the movement modality of Soul Motion® and give attention to our intention to set it in motion.
Together you and I will give voice to both our conscious direction of life as living meditation as well as give permission to meet our preventions. When every day kicks in what prevents us and tends to be in our way?
With breath as your internal support your desires and imagination can align and the union of the landscape under your skin with the world outside of you become a resonating hearth of truth, clarity and sincerity.

Soul Motion is a free form movement experience. We play and move in all directions with equal attention both alone and together as a community. Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice that views movement creativity as an inherent expression for every body. Awaken yourself to joy, to increased pleasure in moving your body to a new uncovering of you.
No previous dance experience is necessary, only your curiousity and desire to move and be moved.

10-11 NOVEMBER 2018
Module 4 – Attention & Intention
“Breath made visible” 

Saturday 10th 14.00-18.00 (2pm – 6pm)
Sunday 11th 9.30-17.00 (9.30am – 5pm)

Price: 1500DKK

Registration: Camilla at

About the Mastery of Self training:
We do not need any more trainings, we are our own best master when we dare to listen, wait and keep open for what your body is telling you.
Mastery of Self is not another to do, you become the change you have been waiting for”
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