Monday series
New series begins September 27 18.30-20h CET

Being moved live · love · lead is back teaching in person.
We went from a high ceiling cellar to moving under the roof in the heart of Copenhagen.

Camilla calls these Mondays Loveolutions.
Through embodied movement we give ourselves permission for pleasure, playfulness, joy.
We are invited to become aware of where we are breathed.
We open, we allow, we receive. We dissolve that which is in the way.

Wildly rooted with the solid ground beneath our feet.
Sometimes joy coming naturally and at times a conscious choice we make.

For each class we set a focus – a point of view – and an intent and in every class you will experience an opening to the moreness you and I are when widening beyond the edges of our skin.

We are moving barefoot and every move can be adjusted to your ability, come as you are and immerse yourself in the musical soundscapes.

This is a conscious movement series of pleasure and play, form and freedom, Nia and SoulMotion.
We unzip our souls and what emerges within the dance, we love more – we are part of the Loveolution.

We meet to come unveiled and hang any expectations and opinions we might have at the door.

Mondays 18.30-20.00h
in the amazing space @ Yoga & Jordemoder
Teglgårdstræde 8B, 3. sal
1452 København K

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MobilePay: 20949470
Investmen: 1100kr for the series