Embodied Permission: In fertile soil
February 2-4, 2024
Helsinki, Finland

“And the day came when the desire to remain tight in a bud grew more painful than the risk it takes to blossom – Anaïs Nin

There is a fertility in knowing that in our soft tissue we are home. Nested in the deep body of our pelvic bowl where the movement below the skin fills the cells with slowness rather than a rhythm faster than we sometimes can follow, here our passions reside.

Maybe we have been told our longing is too much and clenched it, held back, dimmed ourselves to fit in. Can we allow ourselves to be all that we are?

In this workshop the invitation is to soften into the totality of longing’s ache and discover the love that trembles beneath it all.

As somatic practitioners, we continue to unfold and learn within the tradition of conscious dance as a metaphor for understanding the alchemy of our everyday lives.

We surrender ourselves through movement, poetry, art, witnessing and ritual to take one step closer and let ourselves break free of the frame. With equal attention and without preference, we send our awareness in all directions. We listen to the silences within and trust as gravity repeatedly tells us “I have a place for you; it is called here.”

Dropping into ourselves in our not so polished ways we practice letting the life force sourcing in us reveal itself – the held back coming untamed – embodied permission given to play on purpose for all that you are to come forth.

A safe container is held with clarity as we ride the cosy confines of comfort as well as the edges of discomfort. We will be in honouring through movement by letting our bodies speak.

Please bring an open heart and a soft belly to the various ways In fertile soil might express through other souls in motion.
No previous experience is necessary, only your curiousity and desire to move and be moved.

For any questions please do reach out to us. We are always easy to find.

Noora Palokankare: noora.palokankare@gmail.com
or Camilla: camilla@be-moved.dk

February 2-4, 2024
Friday: 18-20:30
Saturday: 11-17
Sunday: 11-16

Full Weekend 260 €
Super early bird: 200 € (before christmas – present for YOU)
Early Bird: 240 € (available only for full weekend before 15/1)
Only Friday: 40 €
Saturday + Sunday: 220 €

LOCATION: Kaapelitehdas – Tero Saarinen Company, Helsinki

Noora Palokankare: noora.palokankare@gmail.com

Led by Camilla Steen Larsen
Camilla is the creator of Embodied Permission and lives conscious dance as a lifestyle and a way to be closer to ourselves.
She believes that every single one of us is unique and necessary. Dance has been her preferred language since she was three years of age.
Moving presence, mindful living, embodied leadership and conscious relating are some of what she brings to the dance floor as well as in the everyday. Her heart strongly beats for the power of leaning into the arms of community to learn from one another.

“I am, here to remind you what you already are” ~ Camilla
For more visit: www.be-moved.dk

Embodied Permission conscious living· leading· loving
Embodied Permission is the bundle of conscious movement practices, nervous system recovery, physiology and anatomy, right left brain communication for living and leading life as a moving meditation through life.
We play on purpose, we allow joy and ease to be the inner compass needle we follow with effortlessness.

We stay with what is tight until it loosen its grip, with what is narrow until it widens are a few of the branches in Embodied Permission.

It is the unlearning and returning to why we are here. We give embodied permission to support that purpose – and it always begins in the body.
Selected music from contemplative to powerful and the sound of silence supports us. In a safe space where there is no judgement, no right or wrong, you can relax, feel yourself and express freely.