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Being moved ∞ Embodied Permission
conscious dance · somatic mentoring · moving motivation

Welcome in the field of conscious living, loving and leading our everyday in a body vibrantly awake to the now moment.
Beginning in the body and rippling out to all our relations, each practice is an invitation to belong – to re-weave connection with ourselves, one another and the natural world.

Through conscious movement and somatic mentoring we give embodied permission – together – to lift our gaze for a life lived in presence and on purpose.
We view creativity as an inherent expression for every body.

We hear with the body.

We love ahead. We lead with present open attention – a life lived in awe – the body as one doorway through which we can relax open and experience life freely moving through us. We fall in love with moments.

The body is our pathway – our lives the Teacher!

We love being moved with you and here all is allowed

in love…