Embodied Permission: Fallen Leaves
– a re:treat of yourself 

“This beginning has been quietly forming, waiting until you were ready to emerge.
For a long time it has watched your desire, feeling the emptiness growing inside you”
– John O’Donahue 
In the hearth of 101times we meet again for a dance re:treat of yourself.
Autumn is the season when the duration of daylight becomes shorter, the temperature cools and the night length increases.
The striking colours of the leaves in trees as they prepare to shed remind us by the beauty of change, about beginning again.
Fallen Leaves retreat is the invitation for us relax open and widen for the stories we told ourselves or were told by others as we played with the seduction of safety. 
Let us set them in motion to be re-written and step onto new ground.
We will explore somatic practices where you drop into yourself and unearth layers of your power and fullness.
In community we surrender and call ourselves home to our true selves. 
We will prepare for our inwardness, we lower ourselves to soar our roots deep into the fertile soil beneath our feet for letting what is no longer needed living in the body loosens its grip. Unable to leave what we have outgrown what is ready to dissolve, to be let go of?
Through given embodied permission we will play with conscious movement, embodied writing and ritual for all that you are to come forth.
Fallen Leaves is an opportunity to see and be seen in all that you are.
A safe container is held with clarity as we ride the cosy confines of comfort as well as the edges of discomfort. We will be in honouring through movement by letting our bodies speak.
Please bring an open heart and a soft belly to the various ways Fallen Leaves might express through other souls in motion.
No previous experience is necessary, only your curiousity and desire to move and be moved.
For any questions please do reach out to us. We are easy to find. 
Esther Berg: esther@101times.at
or Camilla: camilla@be-moved.dk
November 10-12, 2023
Friday 18-20:30
Saturday 11-17
Sunday 11-16


Full weekend: 260€
Early bird: 240€ (available only for full weekend – Friday-Sunday before 31/10)
Only Friday: 50€ (including bubbles)
Saturday + Sunday: 220€

 LOCATION: 101times, Schoenfeldgasse 60, 2nd backyard / 4ht floor, 1070 Vienna

REGISTRATION: Esther Berg: esther@101times.at