Expand·ed – a One Day re:treat
with Camilla
December 3
Saturday 14:00-21.00
in Espergærde


“I am the rest between two notes – Rainer Maria Rilke
Expand:ed is the invitation to widen our view and with equal attention and without preference we send attention in all directions.

The uncertainty we have been moved as ask for our presence in landing in the space between what is no longer needed and what we desire to experience.

We will meet between the notes of breaths, of heart beats and aches and expand and express what emerges, with a soft gaze we return and begin again. 
In stillness and in sound we move and the world moves with us. We fill the pause between notes with our unique dropness – pause inviting us rest our roots to water.

Daily life can dull our connection to a deeper, richer way of being.
In this embodied permission workshop we step into the last Month of the year – alone and together – carefully honoring the ending as both reflection of what has happened and a preparation for next steps.

We nourish our curiosity together, we move within so we never have to move without

A Saturday late afternoon in the amazing room  with the Sea outside the windows reminding us to ground and grow, to free flow.

If you have any questions or for registration: Camilla Steen Larsen – email camilla@be-moved.dk


Strandvejen 163
3060 Espergærde

(Parking for free up the street ·  Espergærde St. is 7 minutes walk)

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Make payment to 20949470


Embodied Permission 

In Embodied Permission we are invited to play on purpose consciously relating with self, other, the world and Nature.
That which has a tendency to have grown tight and narrow widens. 

As simple as a lift of a heel, an exhale we re:value and loosen the grip of old story.
Real-eased in our raw, real unique dropness when there is no where else to go but in, we give permission. 


Camilla Steen Larsen:
Camilla woman, foodie, lover, dancer of life would be the short version. She brings conscious dance as an entry to come one step closer to ourselves.
She believes that every single one of us carries an unique dropness needed as we take Remembership in the world.

She draws inspiration from a wide tapestry of movement modalities, chinese medicine, conscious relating, sacred sexuality, quantum physics.
Bringing over 30 years of experience in teaching movement her way to live life in never-ending moreness creates a radical transformational journey into your magnificence and worthiness – Camilla calls it a Loveolution.

Camilla says: “I believe that every single one of us are unique and not only are we needed, we are necessary when remembering ourselves home in this world.
There is something beyond what we ever imagined waiting for us to enter – it opens when we give permission.
I chose to embrace and love that there will always be more, more life, more creation, pleasure, joy, playfulness, more to journey into, more to discover.”