september, 2022

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sat10sep10:0017:00FeaturedEmbodied Permission: pleasure · play · purpose10:00 - 17:00 HelsinkiWeekly Classes:Weekly Classes Teacher: Camilla Steen Larsen

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Embodied Permission:
Conscious living, loving, leading
One Day workshops with Camilla
Sept 10, Oct 8, Nov 12 2022
in Finland
Rare, awake, wildly wondrous souls you are invited to a journey of One Day Workshops – an invitation in.


“There is nothing for you to do, but everything for you to awake to”
Dance is one way we land within the body. We discover that which has been hidden and forbidden. We practice open curiousity and meeting each other and the world soft bellied and with heart first.
The dance journeys of embodied permission will ripple into our everyday dance – our deep body tissue becomes the fertile soil for the seeds of desired experiences.


When we play new neural pathways in the brain are created.
Whether dancing, communicating, creating art etc we literally become smarter. We free parts of the brain that have been numbed by self criticism, stress hormones, fight and flight responses etc.
For years we have been in survival mode, striving for achieving more, a new goal to reach and we might forgot to breathe and listen to what the body’s bio feedback was.
In the Embodied Permission One Days we are invited to play on purpose consciously relating with self, other, the world and Nature.
In our raw, real, rareness when there is no where else to go but in, we give permission and get to be the radiance that we we are when coming out of the dark dance within.


saturday, september 10th, 2022 - saturday, september 10th, 2022




Camilla Steen Larsen