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Believe to be love – a sitting circle

In this circle we will dive into the limitlessness of you and all that you are meant to be – pure limitless love in its full expression and any form.

This is the Lovelution where you become the happening. The end of an amazing year of transformation where we were stretched to our limit in order to widen and let the utter discomfort, uncertainty, fear, unknown, change move through.

We get to believe to be love.

Love is all there is. All discomforts and fears, doubts, illusion of lack or too muchness is love in disguise for us to unwrap. It is a love gift we give ourselves. We can release and bring that power back home.

All is formless and it moves into this magical, magnificence of our bodies in form and our only thing we need to do is to make it move through us freely for it to be released back into the formless.

Where we have discomfort or when struggle against it, it gets stuck and we fall back into having to work our way out of it. What we do is move away from the discomfort as it does not feel good. Truth is it is a gift, it is when welcoming it in we get to dissolve it and we can open the doorway for the emergence of pure limitless love to come home.

This amazing body of yours is here to transform all back in to love – it is your power, your wisdom, your freedom, your wealth coming come.
I call it open, merge, be.

You are invited to a journey of self love and there will be only magic happening from there once you and I have learned to widen and surrender into the havingness of all desieres met.

It requires your body.
We will come home.
We will open.
We will love and meet everything that occurs as love in disguise – for us to unravel, unwrap and open the gateway.
We welcome it and the lovelution can begin.


Shine on shame – it is love coming home.

Me as happening – every single sensation matters and you get to unravel the true nature of you as limitless love.

The wild truth of the open heart – the deep body tissue release for us to grow wider.

Hearing the heart beat of earth – we bring the magnificence of Nature to move through us.

Following ourselves home – the journey home and to meet at the threshold of saying yes to you and to everything you desire.

Moving stories – we get to write the story we tell ourselves anew, your story is to be told

Mystery of Self – the embodiment of a life in the unique dropness called you.


Believe to be love will be taught in the format of listening and following.

We will be moving as in its home coming our body is the hearth where you and I get to have the experience – the sensation, the gift of meeting the both and for us to marvel in the field of limitlessness, ease, playfulness, joy, havingness.

I am looking so much forward to seeing where this last month of the most crazy year can take us and how we can set the new circle in motion of a new year.

It was when hearing in a group of women the amount of self disgust of aging that made me know, oh my lovelies yes!
Yes to you voicing it out loud and the bravery it takes to come visible when we most of all wish to hide away. I bow deeply to you.

Yet for us to be the change and step into the next level of no effortless and ease we need an open body, open joints in our receptive skin suit. To give in. Let that which is moving through us be released.


Let us tune in and turn on.
It begins with a yes.

You are me, I am you, we are us.
Coming to the end of this year I say we might have the biggest invitation to end this year and open for 2021 in a new way.
I am following the inspiration of letting us meet in this sitting circle format.


We can move from “to me” where we believe something outside of us is not in perfect circumstance into “by me” – all our work we done, took all the workshops, self development trainings, our tool box is full and now the doorways is open for us to move into “through me” where we open, surrender, give space for and let move through.
We then enter the new now from a self loving shape in space draped in human skin to “as you” and the play begins.
Where time and space is collapsed and with more ease than you ever believed and we will journey beyond what our mind tells us is possible and true.

Believe to be love – dates in December.
It begins with a yes

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