Embodied Permission: The Wild Truth of the Open Heart
led by Camilla Steen Larsen
May 5-7, 2023

“We are born truth-tellers. But we are taught too soon how to bury that truth.
Cara Jones

When we fall in love with moments, ourselves, a dear one, an image or a poem we merge with the highest frequency of them all – love.  We crack open for something to enter us, we might be taken off our center for a breath or two – I believe it is you and I being called homeward,
In The Wild Truth of the Open Heart we are invited to rewrite our story. The words landing onto the page of life become a moving moment unleashed from the stories we were once told or telling ourselves, the ones held back or held onto.

Living love led is you and I giving embodied permission to all that arises when opening for the buried truth. The fear, doubt, impatience, uncertainties are all disguised body wisdom shaking us awake. When we meet the present moment and allow we unzip our souls – seeing and being seen by an other our eyes will hold the poetry we long for. 

Within a 360° view we begin again. We listen to the stillness with the willingness to be changed by what we hear. 
As we lean in, fall in love with the moment, we are reminded and re-membering ourselves home. 
The wild truth of the open heart is love moving through and as us. You, me, us, we as human shapes in space following love’s lead – it is an invitation in.
A luscious weekend where we will tremble open for our wild truth and being ourselves out loud.

A safe container is held with clarity as we ride the cosy confines of comfort as well as the edges of discomfort. We will be in honouring through movement by letting our bodies speak.

Please bring an open heart and a soft belly to the various ways The Wild Truth Of The Open Heart might express through other souls in motion.

No previous experience is necessary, only your curiousity and desire to move and be moved.

For any questions please reach out to us. We are always easy to find.
Noora: noora@luotostories.com or Camilla: camilla@be-moved.dk

May 5-7, 2023
Friday 18-20:30
Saturday 11-17
Sunday 11-16


Tero Saarinen Company
Tallberginkatu 1
00180 Helsinki

Price:  260€ full weekend

early bird price 220€ when paid before March 31st 2023

Noora Palokankare: noora@luotostories.com     tel: 0404116393        
For any questions please do reach out to us. We are easy to find.

Embodied Permission conscious living · leading · loving
Embodied Permission is the bundle of conscious movement practices, nervous system recovery, physiology and anatomy, right left brain communication.
Un-armouring of the heart and deep body tissue. Quantum teachings of living and leading life as moving meditation through life.
We play on purpose, we allow joy and ease to be our inner compass needle, we follow effortless forcelessness. We stay with what is tight until it loosen its grip, with what is narrow until it widens – these are a few of the branches in Embodied Permission.
It is the unlearning and returning to why we are here. We give embodied permission to support that purpose – it always begins in the body. 
Selected music from contemplative to powerful and the sound of silence supports us. In a safe space where there is no judgement, no right or wrong, you can relax, feel yourself and express freely.


About Camilla Steen Larsen:
Camilla lives conscious dance as a lifestyle and a way to be closer to ourselves.
She believes that every single one of us is unique and necessary. Dance has been her preferred language since she was three years of age.
Moving presence, mindful living, embodied leadership, sacred s€xuality and conscious relating are some of what she brings to the dance floor as well as in the everyday. Her heart strongly beats for the power of leaning into the arms of community to learn from one another.

– an invitation in from Camila:
sit down right here.
right where you are.
sensing ground under you.
allow her, allow earth to grow though you.
receive her. 
receive all that is given to you.
let her move through you as a soft weave of energy through your legs, through your genitals, up through your belly, your sitting bones, your buttocks, up through your whole spine
and let it enter your heart.
yes, right there in that beautiful center of your chest.
where your life force energy is being pulsed around one heart beat after the other….
this magnificent body of work that you live in, love for, live with, live as.
are you ready?
ready to go out and share that story, that light, that message, that only you so uniquely carry?
you are important.
what is close to your heart. that which makes your heart sing is an inspiration for everyone around you.
let your heart fill with the energy from earth