Embodied Permission
pleasure · play · purpose 

Conscious living, loving, leading


One Day Workshops with Camilla

March 18, 2023
in Helsinki

“There is nothing for you to do, but everything for you to awake to”


Movement is one way we land within the body. We discover that which has been hidden and forbidden. We practice open curiousity and meeting each other and the world soft bellied and heart first.
Our journeys of embodied permission will ripple into our everyday dance – our deep body tissue becomes the fertile soil for the seeds of desired experiences.
When we play new neural pathways in the brain are created.
Whether dancing, communicating, creating art etc we literally become smarter. We free parts of the brain that have been numbed by self criticism, stress hormones, fight and flight responses etc.
For years we have been in survival mode, striving for achieving more, a new goal to reach and we might forgot to breathe and listen to what the body’s bio feedback was.
In Embodied Permission we are invited to play on purpose consciously relating with self, other, the world and Nature.
In our raw, real, rareness when there is no where else to go but in, we get to be the radiance that we we are when coming out of the dark dance within.
We are form through which the formless move freely, refined listeners of breath made visible in our human humanness.
Are you ready to love ahead and come awake in rare, real, wild ways?

We welcome all of what you are.

For any questions please do reach out to us. We are easy to find.
Noora Palokankare: noora@luotostories.com or Camilla: camilla@be-moved.dk

Embodied Permission – One Day Workshop

March 18, 2023
Saturday 11-17


One Day workshop: 130€


A full refund will be issued if notice is received by March 11, 2023.
No refund will be issued for cancellations 7 days prior to the workshop.
An other body can have your space or contact us for the option to transfer your registration for a future workshop with Camilla.

Noora Palokankare: noora@luotostories.com


Camilla Steen Larsen:
Camilla woman, foodie, lover, dancer of life would be the short version. She brings conscious dance as an entry to come one step closer to ourselves.
She believes that every single one of us carries an unique dropness needed as we take Remembership in the world. She draws inspiration from a wide tapestry of movement modalities, chinese medicine, conscious relating, sacred sexuality, quantum physics – permission to play on purpose.
Bringing over 30 years of experience in teaching movement her way to live life in never-ending moreness creates a radical transformational journey into your magnificence and worthiness – Camilla calls it a Loveolution.