– a conscious dance workshop with Camilla 
October 2, 2022
in Budapest



“I am the rest between two notes – Rainer Maria Rilke
Expand:ed is the invitation to widen our view and with equal attention and without preference we send attention in all directions. 
The uncertainty we have been moved as ask for our presence in landing in the space between what is no longer needed and what we desire to experience. 
We will meet between the notes of breaths, of heart beats and aches and expand and express what emerges, with a soft gaze we return and begin again. 
In stillness and in sound we move and the world moves with us. We fill the pause between notes with our unique dropness – pause inviting us rest our roots to water.

Doing no thing is when everything comes alive, there is 
nothing for us to do and everything for us to experience.
Not only are we needed, we are so necessary as we stretch our branches into the future sky and meet the world heart first.
Conditioning our nervous system in the newness we are is a place to rest and be received in the arms of community – conscious dance as a path.
We meet at the threshold and let the pause find us knowing that the ground of now is a rest between notes – an invitation in. 

Through freeform movement, we invite the body to speak its 1000 words, sometimes with a single gesture, sometimes dancing fiercely – ALL of you are welcome. 
No prior movement experience is required. 
Bring your body, a soft belly and your curiosity.

Sunday October 2, 2022

14:00-17:00 Expand:ed Workshop: 40 €

17:30-18:30 MasterClass : 20 €

Both events 55 €

Join Kinga and Camilla for a Team-Teach Monday.
(all three events 70 €)

@Shift Studio, Budapest
Registration: Kinga Brezina: niakinga@gmail.com