Hearing the Heart Beat of Earth
Nature dances wherever you live where we are being with and in Nature.
An invitation to see and be seen by the wilderness.
We become earth warriors, the sacred rebels in hearing the heart beat of Earth – she got you on her shoulders.

4 Thursdays & 1/2 day workshop

4 Thursdays:
Nov 12, 19, 26
Dec. 3
18-20h  CET  I  9-11am PST  I noon – 2pm EST
on screen and/or audio only

1/2 day workshop
December 5
18-21h  CET  I  9am – noon PST  I noon – 3pm EST
on screen

Novemeber 12
18-20h  CET  I  9-11am PST  I noon – 2pm EST
– on screen
We will meet connect in the circle for the first time in face and body with video on screen – live from Be moved.
We will dive in for a two-hour class and Camilla will lead earth body explorations and conscious movement. We discover through deep body practices for connecting with our inner wild truth, dreams and deep desires.
The movement inquries will be weaved with embodied writing bridging body and Earth with words. We will share and be moved by the individual and the collective stories that are emerging.
(all sessions will be recorded for you to join at any time)

November 19, 26 2020
December 3
18-20 Central European Time  I   9am–11 am Pacific Time  I  noon – 2pm Eastern
–  in Nature –  audio only
Basically we are taking a conscious walk in nature together. More together than alone – we dive into the mystery of taking the dance we call walking into Nature. In the wild nature, in a park, near the river, on the beach or right outside your window we connect via the zoom. We might shortly connect with seeing each other’s location and then go ‘audio only’.
Our eyes are invited to drink in the images we see, being with that which surround us.
Camilla’s voice will be guiding us through a journey of settling into our natural time – our beingness – rooted in with the Big Mamma under our feet.
When in nature you will be invited to both sit in your favourite spot or dance furiously if called to it.
Hear the heart beat of the earth, ask earth where to next. How do you receive the answer?
We might find some of Nature’s gifts to create a sacred space – an altar – for us to keep reminding ourselves of earth inside of us.
(all sessions will be recorded for you to join at any time)

A 1/2 day workshop:
December 5, 2020 – LIVE from Be moved
18 -21.30 h Central European Time  I  9 am–12:30 pm Pacific Time  I  noon–3:30 pm Eastern
– on screen
We take the greatness of nature back into the dance floor.
Us coming in unity weaves into a collective movement tapestry that will find ways and threads into our everyday feeling like we are always in all ways are connected with the bigger. The embodied writing we did will be shared and we will know from our roots up and beyond that there is no seperation. We are all connected through the majestic magnificence of Nature –  here, near and there. We begin again and share our wild truth of our open hearts with our bodies or our words with the world.
Hear the heart beat of the earth under your feet? Ask earth where to next. How do you receive the answer?For years people have been meeting in circles of support, dance share their passions, their challenges giving attention to their intention set in motion.
 “If you wanna go fast, go alone. if you wanna go far, go together”
African proverb

Where to move in Nature?
Your own wild wonders into nature with the living world can be done in your time and from wherever you live.
A city park, your garden, the beach, near the river or venture out into the wilder terrain. All inquiries will be recorded for you to (re)move within.

You will be part of a Earth circle via our online community in Facebook Earth Vibes – Hearts’ wild Nature group.
After our last meeting in September you will be given resources and invitations for taking some intentional Nature Walks – taking Earth Vibes with you  into your  ever circling everyday of yours.


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sit down right here
right where you are
sensing ground under you
allow her, allow earth to grow though you your feet.
receive her
receive all that is given to you
let her move through you as a soft weave of energy through your legs, through your genitals, up through your belly, your sitting bones, your buttocks, up through your whole spine
and let it enter your heart
yes, right there in that beautiful center of your chest
where your life force energy is being pulsed around one heart beat after the other….
this magnificent body of work that you live in, love for, live with, live as
are you ready?
ready to go out and share that story, that light, that message, that only you so uniquely carry 
you are important
what is close to your heart? that which makes your heart sing is an inspiration for everyone around you.
let your heart fill with energy from earth”
~ a writing from Camilla