Down to the River to Pray

Down to the River to pray
– A conscious dance (re-)treat
December 29th – January 4th 2022

Escape the cold and dive into the heat.
In the heart of Argentina
Dance in the warm summer breeze when winter in the Northern hemisphere is having its dance with us.

At the river banks of Rio Grande as the ground beneath our feet we will find and be found in this magical Eco Village nested in the Wilderness.
Down to the River to pray is an open invitaton to find deep body rest, relaxation and softening into the ending of the year.
As we experience embodied prayers in motion, a shedding of skin, mascaras and duties the contructs of old beliefs and habituated ways will be dissolved.

We will pause and drink from the healing forces of Nature.

Our prayers come visible in movement and in stillness. We write the tales within our bodies both on the dance floor answering the sounds of the music as well as finding breathing moments nested in Nature moved by the big sound of silence.
This very silence might be what our bodies long for the most and we get to respond to and with it all.

Re-treat to get re-sourced through prayers of cleansing and clearing, listening and receiving – an exiting the old into the new.
Permission to dream, rest, be still, dance furiously, get lost and found, forget and re-member as we gather for this magical threshold – a rite of passage – down by the river we pray and cross over and enter that which is waiting for us.

We are delighted and in open prayer for you, me, us, we to journey this adventure with you.

No prior conscious dance experience is needed just your curiosity to move and be moved.


About us

Carmen Tarifa:

… she is amazing and….


Camilla: woman, foodie, lover, dancer of life would be the short version. She brings conscious dance to the world as an entry to come one step closer to ourselves.
She believes that every single one of us carries our unique dropness so needed as we take Remembership in the world.
She draws inspiration from a wide tapestry of movement modalities, QiGong, Chinese medicine, conscious relating, quantum physics all landing in her program Embodied Permission pleasure · play · purpose.
Bringing over 30 years of experience in teaching movement her way to live life in never-ending moreness creates a radical transformational journey into your magnificence and sense of belonging – Camilla calls it a Loveolution.