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Soul Motion: Awakening [mindful mornings] soundscapes
Tuesdays mornings – new dates up
Live at 8–9.15am CET / 7-8.15am UK
Online room on zoom
There is something so settling in coming together, sitting, moving, writing, ending in silence and journey into our day.

The format is the same a new soundscape each week.
We sit ·  We move ·  We write ·  We end in silence and step into our day.

A loving good morning awakening and warm welcome.


Soul Motion®: Moving stories series with Camilla 

Thursdays – online 
February 3, 10, 17, 24
9am – 11.00am pacific time  /  noon – 2.00pm eastern  /  18 – 20.00h central european time / 5 – 7pm UK time

Thursdays online series with Camilla and the amazing community of story tellers in words and the universal language of the body.


There is a quote from the indigenous people of North America:
Tell me a fact and I will learn.
Tell me a truth and I will believe.
But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.

Through movement and story telling we will practice using the pause to illuminate what has lurked in the shadows, 360° awareness to widen what may have become a myopic point of view and take inspiration from others to echo what has remained silent or forbidden.

“Nothing compares to the sensation of being alive in the company of others. It is God breathing on the embers of our soul”
– Mark Nepo

Registration and more here