– a One Day workshop with Camilla

“I want to walk deep into the forest and return to share the treasures I receive there.” – Kai Seidenburg. 
Swirling within us life source is moving, our passions, dreams and desires in their eternal dance.
Awakening is the invitation to discover the treasures we receive when allowing all that we are to free flow-
We might at times have dimmed or tuned ourselves down. We will shed and shake ourselves free of the learnt habituated ways. Our embodied selves to explore in movement and music widening for our bodies to openly speak.
There is no need to hide or hold back in whatever way our creativity reveals itself through movement – gravity has a place for you, it’s called here.
We practice listening between the notes with open curiosity. We are reminded of the ever-changing flow of life that we are connected to.
At times we might show up in our not so polished selves yet together we plant the seeds of our uniqueness in the fertile soil of the deep body for them to flourish into our everyday.
We let our creativity draw outside the lines.
The imprints of who we really is how we as one and in community let Earth find us – here, now and awake.
We will gather on the amazing green floor in Aichhalden being well nourished by warm hugs, delicious movements, intention set in motion and lots of fun.
No previous dance experience is necessary, only your curiosity and desire to move and be moved. Bring your body and you will be extra prepared.
For any questions please reach out to us. We are always easy to find. 

June 4, 2023
Reißerweg 12
78733 Aichhalden, Germany 
Cost: 120 EUR
Registration: Sonja Rogg