Yemanjá Queen of the Ocean 
Elements & Ceremony re:treat 
February 17-19, 2023

on the charming island of Møn


“In Brazil, Yemanjá is considered the ocean’s spirit. As a water elemental, Yemanjá gives vision, inspiration and the ability to flow smoothly through life’s torrential times”
By the shores of the ocean at amazing Strandgaarden located right by the beach where earth meets water in an ever-moving dance of giving and receiving, meeting and releasing we come together. 
The Water Flight Ceremony – a special night to kiss stars will be our beginning re-treating ourselves – alone and together. 
Ceremony and special food from the Brazilian tradition of celebrating the Goddess of the ocean, Yemanjá. 

Through conscious dance and rituals we will open, allow and receive the currents of life. We give embodied permission for the floodgates of life force to move through us and as us. 
We will play and pray in the polarities of solidity-fluidity, water-earth, air-fire, light and dark. We bring Nature into the sacred space and take our moving moments of magic back into the majesty of the bigger. 
The gifts we carry to the world add to the cauldron of true belonging and our intentions are planted to be watered in the loving presence of an another. 

Every drop of saltwater bears Yemanjá’s imprint and calls us back to Her, our ancient mother and home. 
By the nourishing waves you and I will meet and be met celebrating the elements, the sensory beauty and free flow of who we are – bodies of water coming home. After moving on Saturday we will soak ourselves in the wood fire bathtub, be indulging our bodies in cacao seed oils and drink ceremonial cocao from Bahia, one of the origins for Yemanjá’s annual celebration.
We welcome you in an Odyssey of luscious, juicy, abundant creations and infinite inspirations as Brazilian traditions take root to fly on Danish soil – the waters of our belly one with the waters of earth – a safe container is held with clarity.

Please bring an open heart and a soft belly. We will be in moving ceremony honouring by letting our bodies speak. No previous experience is necessary, only your curiosity and desire to move and be moved. 

For any questions please reach out to us. We are always easy to find.
Giselle: or Camilla:


February 17-19, 2023
Friday arrival from 16:00 
Sunday departure after brunch at 14.00 
Strandgaarden Møn
Bundgarnet 45
4780 Stege

5200 DKK / early bird 4850 DKK (when paid in full before January 16, 2023)
500 DKK non refundable deposit at registration 
Payment plans optional – contact us if you need help with installments.
Registration to Giselle Oli:
About Camilla:
Camilla Steen Larsen woman, teacher, mentor, inspirer, creator and loveolutionaire. She is the embodiment of pleasure and play with 30 year+ experience through conscious movement to give permission for the language of the body.
Moving presence, mindful living, embodied leadership, sacred s€xuality and conscious relating are some of what she brings to the dance floor as well as in the everyday. 
Her heart strongly beats for the power of leaning into the arms of community to learn from one another.
“Dance was my preferred language from I was three years old. Embodied Permission was birthed out of breaking open and deciding that less must be more and is a radical transformational journey into our magnificence.
There is something beyond what we have ever imagined waiting for us to enter – it opens when we give permission. I chose to embrace and love that there will always be more, more life, more creation, more deliciousness, pleasure, joy, playfulness, more to journey into, more to discover. This open curiosity becomes an unzipping of our soul.


About Embodied Permission conscious living · leading · loving

Embodied Permission is the bundle of conscious movement practices, nervous system recovery, physiology and anatomy, right left brain communication.
Un-armouring of the heart and deep body tissue. Quantum teachings of living and leading life as moving meditation through life.
We play on purpose, we allow joy and ease to be our inner compass needle, we follow effortless forcelessness. We stay with what is tight until it loosen its grip, with what is narrow until it widens – these are a few of the branches in Embodied Permission.
It is the unlearning and returning to why we are here. We give embodied permission to support that purpose – it always begins in the body. 
Selected music from contemplative to powerful and the sound of silence supports us. In a safe space where there is no judgement, no right or wrong, you can relax, feel yourself and express freely.