Soul Motion®

Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice and movement meditation. In a safe environment we practice listening to our body sensations, images and emotions. We follow our own authentic movement impulses. We use the perception of breath to strengthen our presence and consciousness for every new moment.
In the dance with others we receive inspiration and discover new expression possibilities for ourselves. We recognise that motion is an all connecting element of aliveness.
Supported by music of all genres and the great sound of silence we use moments of delicate movements as well as big dance to reconnect to the inner divine source in us.

What is happening in a Soul Motion class?
In Soul Motion you are guided to put your attention on certain correlations. This can be an inner-body inquiry like the relationship between different body parts, the sensation of grounding or breath awareness. Also the correlations between dancers and the space around them can be a topic to explore. This way we learn a lot about ourselves and we practice using awareness and mindfulness to become more relaxed and happy in the dance of the everyday.

The Beginning
Each class starts with alone time. Here we reconnect to our body’s sensations and become attuned to what moves us in this moment. Once we have arrived “home” we add the conscious perception of space around us, including the other dancers. We begin to attune not only to our inner source but also to the aliveness, humanity and moving shapes around us in a 360° view.

And then…
The Soul Motion experience consists of 4 relational “Landscapes”.
Dance intimate – dancing alone we renew our relationship with the body as a shifting shape in space.
Dance communion – inspired by interior impulses, sensations, and images the dancer begins to relate and communicate outwardly.
Dance community – as dancers begin to move in ever widening circles, they receive and transmit information and inspiration to the larger dance happening all around them.
Dance infinite – what happens in the dance room is a template for the everyday dance in the living world. We move out from the dance room sensing our environment more clearly, communicating with others with enhanced perception, and relaxing more readily with the challenges and obstacles that may dance before us.

The role of a Soul Motion teacher
Soul Motion session are guided free form experiences. A Soul Motion teacher will help you to draw your attention on specific aspects. The guidance is respectful and accompanying, never manipulating or constricting. Together with the group a Soul Motion teacher will work towards a safe, well-held atmosphere, where the trust in “what is” can grow.


8.15-9.30am Movement Meditation
Floor is open 30 mins before we begin

Price: 130DKK
Be moved, Suomisvej 2, 1927 Frederiksberg C

Soul Motion® is the lifework of Vinn Arjuna Martí.

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