Camilla Steen Larsen, Soul Motion Teacher in training with many years of experience in dance and movement takes you on journey with Soul Motion® conscious dance practice – a practice to sink into the body, embrace space and partner the magic of community listening.

In Soul Motion relationship is about following creative space, relating and staying with our inner-sense the dance we have close to our skin.
We dance and practice occupying the space around us – here our dance begins – with space as our true dance partner ~ Alone and Together
We play with four relational landscapes – The solo dance of Dance Intimate, the dialogue between two dancers in Dance Communion, in Dance Community we relate to a group of three or more – we play with diversity and in Dance Infinate we devote ourselves bringing our experiences on the dance floor into the dance we have in the every day.
We get to explore, REALize and open to what might have become hidden

What makes your heart sing?
Sense your lungs spiral out as you inhale – inviting your heart out to dance – as you exhale, your lungs spiral back in hugging your heart in a perfect embrace.

Floor is open 30 mins before we begin

Price: 120DKK
StudioNia, Suomisvej 2, 1927 Frederiksberg C

Soul Motion® is the lifework of Vinn Arjuna Martí.

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