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The yes journey

“When changing old movement habits, limited beliefs, constructs that long enough have been in our way – physically, emotionally and mentally – the body is a great place to begin from and return to.

Camilla meet your body where it is. It is about what your heart longs for, your desire to shine and your ability to receive. Your needs are made visible when we come in alignment with the inspiration below and beyond your skin.

We move to feel, feel to heal and by setting it in motion you walk into your everyday with dance – the hidden language of the soul – as a way of life.

Camilla is a lover, an earth warrior, a woman, a foodie, a writer, a passionpreneur and along several trainings of various movement modalities Soul Motion® Teacher, Nia® Black Belt Teacher, Lifestyle & Wellbeing Educator
She has an education in medical Qi Gong, the Biyun method, a Chinese healing method with 5000 years old roots. She brings 30 years of experience in teaching and movement. She openly shares her heart and life journeys and is an inspirational lady to be around. Read more about Camilla and her story

“Your body is your vehicle to make physical and mental adjustments, create spaciousness for emotions to be what they are – energy in motion – whole body alignment circulation of the life force wildly running within you inviting you to feel alive, find your YES and come home” ~ Camilla

When the everyday kicks in you are guided through the body to find the way back in – home.
Your path in self partnership with your body.

Camilla calls this live · love · lead.
Gain confidence and trust in your body, your mindbration, the emotions sometimes pulling us into the wild currents and still find being able to find the center. Our bodies so to speak become our best friend rather than forgetting to listen. Listen, hear that?

1-on-1 Camilla helped people in and outside Denmark with challenges such as Parkinson disease, autism, stress release, sustaining weight loss, post-injury recovery and spinal disc prolapse stabilisation.
She travels the world teaching movement, motivation and mindful living in workshops and guiding other movement teachers to embodied presence and continuously show up as we are – we become a teaching.

Through personal guidance and change in the way we move all bodies Camilla can achieve results rippling far off of the dance floor and into your life.


3 month “The yes journey”
personal guidance meeting everything you sit with
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Motivation through movement – private sessions
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Walk and be

single sessions are available on request.

I always offer for us to meet forehand and see if we are the ones to walk the path together.
I ask you now, what is the calling in you having read this far? You feel the change? You hear the head come up with a better solution or the I am not ready right now. Thing is, that is that calling, following its lead that will take you into limitless play throughout this journey.
It begins with a yes.


I feel that my body has landed in its natural pace and that is because of you, Camilla”
~ Kristiane

“Thank you Camilla. You are such an inspiration for me and the way you show up is such a great teaching. It is a reminder for me to go out there and say: this is me”
~ Teresa