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mon09mar17:1518:45Event CancelledSoul Motion class w/ Louise - AFLYST GR. SYGDOM17:15 - 18:45 Be Moved, Suomisvej 2, 1927 Frederiksberg C Event Organized By: Camilla Steen Larsen Weekly Classes:Weekly Classes Teacher: Louise Augusta Jørgensen

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In Soul Motion® relationship is about following creative space, relating and staying with our inner-sense the dance we have close to our skin.
We dance and practice occupying the space around us – our true dance partner ~ Alone and Together

Soul Motion is a movement meditation. Instructions and questions serve to activate physical attention, awareness and perception of the room.
We listen to our physical impulses.
We are being inspired and touched by encounters with others. Selected music from contemplative to powerful and the sound of silence supports us. We experience presence, listening and liveliness.
In a safe space where there is no judgement, no right or wrong, you can relax, feel yourself and express freely.
Inquiries and instructions are simple and easy to transfer to daily life.
The connection between body, mind and soul is enhanced. You connect with you in embodied presence.
Enjoy to move in stilleness and in movement, play and be still alone and together.

We play with four relational landscapes
– The solo dance of Dance Intimate.
– The dialogue between two dancers in Dance Communion.
– In Dance Community we relate to a group of three or more – we play with diversity.
– In Dance Infinate we devote ourselves bringing our experiences from the dance floor into the dance in the every day.

We get to explore and open to what might have become hidden

Soul Motion® is the lifework of Vinn Arjuna Martí


monday, march 9th, 2020 - monday, march 9th, 2020


Be Moved

Suomisvej 2, 1927 Frederiksberg C


Louise Augusta Jørgensen

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