june, 2022

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Held and invited
– a two day playshop
with Camilla

Explore the doorways open for us to cross into what awaits.
We let our bodies become truth speakers and shapes in space for the experience of life breathing us.

Embodied Permission is the bundle of conscious movement practices, nervous system recovery, physiology and anatomy, right left brain communication.Held and invited is un-armouring of the heart and our deep body tissue. Held by the Ground and invited by the Sky we can live and lead life as a pleasurable moving meditation.

We will play on purpose, we will allow joy and ease to become our inner compass needle, we follow the path of effortlessness and stay with what is tight until it loosen its grip, with what is narrow until it widens – these are a few of the branches in Embodied Permission and what this two day immersion is all about.

We will clear and clean the hidden drivers that are in the way for us to spread our wings, open our hearts in full width. From that now we enter a field of limitless possibilities when allowing to enter that which we long for.

We will have two days together being moved in a magical space on the beach in Espergærde where the Sea outside is majestically holds us.
In the grand arms of Nature as well as on the floors we unlearn and return to why we are here. We give embodied permission to support that purpose. It always begins in the body. It is an invitation in – held and invited, here we are.

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saturday, june 11th, 2022 - sunday, june 12th, 2022


Camilla Steen Larsen