november, 2017

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Heart Talks

“Heart talks”


The only true voice is the one of our heart. Do we stay true to what we hear?
Open, listen, wait for your heart to talk and then, begin again.
Often we live with getting to a destination. When we get over there all will be well, after that destination have been reached, a new one swiftly is created.
We may experience we live either chasing the future and the glorious end station or carrying our past.
What happened to the space right in between? Do we give ourselves permission and time to experience the richness in pausing in presence?
Are we too busy making it to the next goal and the hard worker auto pilot fully on exaggerating the voice of your heart?
In this workshop we take half a step back and land in the sacred moment of the now. Here we can listen to our dreams, wishes and longings.
What happens when we let go of the wanting not rushing to be anywhere else than right here?
Do you hear your heart talk?
This workshop is led by Camilla Steen Larsen who brings 26 years of experience in teaching movement, dance and life change. 
She began teaching dance, hip/hop and aerobics in 1991, which led her on an exploration of multiple body-based trainings and the eventual creation of Studio Nia Copenhagen, now Be moved where she teaches and shares her work of conscious movement as a lifestyle practice. She has facilitated on international dance floors across the globe, bringing what she calls Mastery of Self to inspire and motivate movers through a creative and authentic tool box enriched by her education in Biyun Medical Qi Gong, Nia (Black Belt) and Soul Motion®. She is an honest, open and loving teacher.


friday, november 10th, 2017 - sunday, november 12th, 2017



Münster, Germany


Camilla Steen


Camilla Steen Larsen

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