Mastery of Self – (MOS Training)

“Wherever you are is the entry point” – Kabir

Mastery of Self is created in the now
You will get individual guidance to practice in the weeks between each module.
Your unique self mastery is taken into the everyday.

Tired of always coming from the place of not being good enough?
Mastery of Self is a new conscious movement training that will get you out of old stories and into your BIGness.
It’s not another to do – You become the change you’ve been waiting for.
Through the body we learn

Mastery of Self is for you as a human being ready to face your fears and transform them into powerful tools.
Find your yes and let your dance begin from here…
Self is your new master.

Radical change your consciousness and see the world through your heart, your life will change on all levels.
You will become the version of yourself you always dreamt of.
Are you ready, can you let go of that which is no longer important without it being a battle an other to do?

You will get techniques that moves you to where you wish to be.
You become aware of what you wish to manifest and every step you make is aligned with that you wish to live.

You will experience a life with more joy, energy and peace til be the creator of your biggest dream.


Mastery of Self

Once and for all you can learn to take responsibility for the story you tell yourself of not being good enough, and when standing insecurely in new territory you can with the serenity of your awareness choose every step as a living meditation.

You learn to track your thoughts and release the stories disturbing your NOW.
Through the body you find your inner wisdom when allowing every step to come naturally.
You will get what you wish for your most loved ones – a life full of love and joy unleashing and living every wish you might have.
MOS is a training that will change your life without you thinking about it – it becomes who you are.

Only through the body we can find the limitations that has settled as memories, stories, pain and sickness.
Only by moving the compensations the body wisely has done will dissolve.


“To live a life in union with where you wanna be is what Mastery of Self can give you, it becomes a dance though life every move as living meditation”

Self is your new master

Are you as well as I curious about what lies behind the next exhale and do you dare to take the step you are afraid of taking, see what you might not wish to see, show yourself and the world around you who you are, let your light shine and dance your dance?
Then listen, sign in, keep open and be big, Mastery of Self makes you create the results you wish.

You will get individual guidance and your unique self mastery is taken to the everyday floor.
Unleash the dancer in you.
Meditative Living becomes your mastery of the mystery of  yourself.


It will change your life.

Facilitator of Mastery of Self is Camilla Steen Larsen a conscious movement teacher and dancer of life:
“My vision with MOS is to make you and I settle with being good enough.

  • To come home in your body
  • To live a conscious life
  • To realize that you are perfect just as you are
  • To let go of the stories taking you down

Nobody does it better than you and there is no such thing as mistakes.
I teach what I need to learn myself, preach what I practice and we are eachother’s best teachers – together we constantly create magic.

In humbleness to experiencing movement in ways I never thought possible, I say this:
The world needs us. Let’s receive it and believe it. Mastery of Self ~ Self is your new master

MOS is OPEN for international trainees

You can join in on this once in a lifetime experience through the depths of YOUR body from wherever you want to dance from.
We meet LIVE on the bamboo floor at Be moved and for international guests that wish to attend I will create an online meeting room.
We will be one across the miles thanks to the worldwide web.
Only thing you need is a space for you to have a little space around you to move and your body.

Is Mastery of Self calling you?

I often already know when I read through the lines if this is for me.
Maybe we are a match you and I?
If you are ready for Mastery of Self let’s join this journey together.

Contact me for a free motivational session over zoom.
We will tap into newness here:


By registration and payment before June 28th 2018 – 10.500 DKK
Hereafter 12.500DKK

You can pay through as payment plan:

2400 DKK per month (Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan)

Your investment is in you – what is the price if you don’t do it?
Allow your body to be your organic informer and let me know what you feel and say.

Say yes! I want to join? Registrate to me:

LIVE Location

Be moved
Suomisvej 2
1927 Frederiksberg C


10.500 DKK when registrering before June 28th 2018
Herafter 12.500 DKK 

Monthly payment plan:

2400 DKK per month (Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan)



Training begin MOS 2.0 d. 4th August 2018

4-5 AUGUST 2018

Module 1 – The base & Earth
“Setting the tone”
Saturday: 2.00-6.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am-5pm

15-16 SEPTEMBER 2018

Module 2 – Heart as a dancer
“Wait and Listen”

Saturday: 2.00-6.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am-5pm

6-7 OKTOBER 2018 

Module 3 – Relating in 360°
“The circle is everywhere”

Saturday: 2.00-6.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am-5pm

10-11 NOVEMBER 2018

Module 4 – Attention & Intention
“Breath made visible” 

Saturday: 2.00-6.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am-5pm
* This module is open for every one, can be taken solely (Price: 1800DKK)

8-9 DECEMBER 2018

Module 5 – Core Listening
“Following creative space”

Saturday: 2.00-6.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am-5pm

26-27 JANUARY 2019

Module 6 – Self Mastery
“Yes! in your everyday”

Saturday: 2.00-6.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am-5pm

13 Elements of Mastery of Self

  • BREATH – your internal support
  • OPEN – joints as energy portals
  • EARTH – the best support you’ll ever get
  • PAUSE AND PRESENCE – richness in stillness
  • JOY OF MOVEMENT – everything goes
  • YOGASTRETCH – intrinsic muscle awareness
  • DESIRE & IMAGINE – if you can dream it you can do it
  • RELATING – love or fear choices
  • GIVE SPACE – expanding your field
  • SELFHEALING – 5 stages of developmental anatomy
  • RITUALS – YES! – New beginnings
  • TRUTHTELLING – about everything to everybody
  • FORMLESS FORM – qi lifeforce energy as your guide

The Form and MOS spreading wings wide…

So far the form of Mastery of Self has been that we meet monthly for a weekend module (module 1-6) in Be moved.

Mastery of Self is going international and the form of the training is shifting from the 6 series format to a three-part series of 4 day modules (to be completed together). Online content with group sessions each month between modules through zoom.

Stay tuned for 2019 new dates and MOS in a city near you….

What can you expect?

MOS is a conscious movement practice. You will learn to be present free of the story about the past, the future, your self or another.

Highten your consciousness and build a bridge from the dance floor to your every day life.
MOS is inspired from Nia, QiGong, TCM, Soul Motion and more …

Developed by Camilla Steen Larsen, Nia Black Belt Teacher and Soul Motion Teacher with 27 years of experience in teaching movement. She is the owner of Be moved and with a stunning lifestory an inspirational lady to be around.

The MOS Training will be taught in both Danish, English, German and the Universal language of the body.