When you step into Be moved you are met by a warmth and an energy rare to a training space – it feels more like coming home – a light, a bright, beautiful and incredibly tastefully decorated home.
You feel Camilla’s sense of design and how much physical space does for your body’s well-being. When you enter the space, your shoulders automatically drop, you breathe more deeply and as you move on the bamboo floor it is not only the music that fills your senses – the big windows with a view to the cozy garden full of flowers, and the huge chestnut tree on the other side of the road completes the view all year round. A wonderful space to dance and feel close to you and your body.

As you enter the door you are met by Be moved’s lounge with sofa, soft pillows, candle lights and flowers – a space used by Camilla for private sessions and inviting for cozy hangout before and after class. The color purple is repeated everywhere from the sign on the door, to yoga mats, to the pillars in the dance space with curved ceiling. In more than one sense there are high ceilings in Be moved, in no way it resembles a basement who survived two floods by torrential rain in 2011 and 2014.

Everything was demolished and after dehumidification rebuilt.

So with seven years in business Be moved appears brand new and just by stepping into the studio you sense what the logo “movement · joy · life” says

Good to know about The studio

Besides the lounge with a cozy sofa corner and a reception desk with notices about latest news, there is space for your clothes and shoes in the locker room benches.

Toilet can be found on the stairs and you have the option of using the shower next door, if you have an appointment after your dance.

  • We dance bare feet
  • Sign in for classes not necessary
  • Possibility of shower
  • You can sit in the garden after class

“When I come into the bamboo floor in Be moved, I feel completely at home. I feel there is space to be ME. Gone are uninspiring, sweat-smelly training spaces packed with people, that I offered myself throughout the years. If you are a little aesthetic and sensitive, this can be almost draining limping to get through a training session in such a place. At Be moved it is just the opposite. Here the beautiful room stimulates my senses, and I love to dance while able to look at both the flowers, trees and the blue sky through the windows.”

 – Signe

“In Be moved, there is room for everyone’s individual expression, emotions, voice and body. There is so much warmth and I can get overwhelmed by the instantly created feeling of community between us dancers.”

– Louise