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”Camilla, I like the mix of being down to earth and to dance through life, which you glow and live. That is something that I want to be around.”
~ Aninia, therapist

”Nia makes me, me. Camilla creates a space where I can be myself together with a lot of other amazing ’me’s’. I have never been in a space where exploring yourself through dancing with others, felt so natural, honest, fun, beautiful and challenging – without being a hippie dance or a competition about doing it best and doing it correctly. To be on a journey with others in this authentic and beautiful space that Camilla creates, is one of the biggest gifts I can give myself – and others, like my husband.”

~ Birgitte, project manager

”I was on an amazing and heart opening workshop, Dance your Dream. We danced it all out and still my biggest learning experience was that when we stand still the presence with others and ourselves arises.”

Camilla guided us to find our own expression in the dance and it became clear, how this expression is crucial to our relationship with other people, on the dance floor and in life itself.

”I loved the workshop – life is a dance! By expressing my emotions in the dance and using the energy, I felt authentic and capable of navigating whatever gets thrown at me. I can do everything when I move”
~Lisbeth, graphic designer and coach