“Know what you want or don’t get it has been one phrase that kept ringing my ear.
I had forgotten my yes. I knew what I did not want and navigated through and from that. I did not see clearly what I really wished for.

When creating a new name for my seven year old dance studio and movement space, a new logo and website I got to dance the waves of highs and lows.
How did I see “ME” presented online? What to write and how to communicate it to a person that builds websites?
I knew in my heart that I found the perfectly right person in Anneli.
We both allowed feelings of shy, humble, insecurity and excitement of our creative process together that was ahead of us.

Me knowing my “no” so well became an advantage for our dance of communicating via email and in video conference calls. I was clear making it easier for Anneli to take next steps.
We enjoyed every meeting we had also when challenging not technical possible for us to get it like we wanted. We managed, tweaked, added and deleted and got great support from plug-in teams.

We both have a passion for images that takes our breath away. We both have a sense of detail.
That for me was such a relief as I often heard a voice in me saying that “that little detail doesn’t matter”, but it does – to me.

We have created a website for me that has every small detail thought of.
It is a reflection of me and the self-empowerment feeling I sit with today three days after sending it into the world, feels so right.
When the website was actually finished and ready to be shown to the world, my perfectionist voice came. I wanted all to be read through. When the last days for that came, I was tired, my body said pause and rest.
So I did, I listened and nurtured myself with good food, naps and walks.
I did not go into the habitual letting the perfectionist take over as a bad excuse to jump out into the new…

Faster than expected all technicalities of re-directing the old website got done and Be moved was in the world.
Not edited completely into every single little detail, and with a deep breath I proudly presented it and allowed the tapping faults, a couple of places had my old email address standing in there.
I kept moving forward and not being in the old “not good enough mentality”

So, this past month has been a mastery of self process to me.
To allow all emotions in.
To keep moving forward and get a little done every day
To do my practice consistently and stay focused.

With the artistry that Anneli is gifted with and how she gracefully assist and accompany my ideas and my passion for lifting people to shine their light and let them unleash what might had become hidden Self unveiled was born
Out of the idea that the gifts Anneli and I have alone and together could be a gift for other
We are a great couple, we inspire and make each other think deeper. We wished to have a new creation together and Self unveiled domain was bought the day after launch of my website.
We laughed about how our muses were activated and so inspired.

What I take with me from this experience is how important it is to keep dancing through life as a everyday practice. Just like in music – the festive dress of silence – I have experienced the importance of pausing being in silence.
To have spaces in between the to dos for me. To take a walk or watch a movie even though some text “needs to be done.”
The more I forced the words to come through my fingers and into the keyboard, the less happened.
How important it has been to let the “work we done so far” rest and breathe and go back in and out of the website with new eyes.”

Maybe we are the ones you been waiting for.
Get into your body and create from there – we are both passionate movement teachers and living life consciously is what we praise and practice.

In the process of setting your focus and sharpening your intent to create a visual identity that holds you, self unveiled will take you into deeper layers of yourself
Become unveiled and nothing will be in the way of you shining your light

Taking new steps

Last year – the year of celebrating my 25 years of teaching – 10 years with Nia – 6 years on my own bamboo floor, I finished the first part of the Soul Motion® embodied leadership program.
When finishing the last module, my teachers asked if I considered to move ahead.
Not one cell in my body was in doubt.
I wanted to explore more, I wished to take next steps in becoming a teacher of this movement form touching my soul’s deep layers, sacred spaces never before visited.


There I was in the last day of Teacher Training Module 1. We were asked to check the roster if our emails were correct.
I read my email connected to my for almost seven years perfect fitting name ‘Studio Nia Copenhagen’.
With a short but solid shiver my body showed me to re-arrange the familiar a new name needs to be born.


The weeks after returning from the training I danced the waves.
Curios added a little impatience, I waited for the ideas to unfold – and oh, they did.
What to name it then? As the weekend passed and my dear friend and teacher Michael compassionately taught a weekend workshop it came.


Right there on the sofa with movie and pop-corn
When going to my thinking mind – the one wanting to find the “right reasons”, it all made sense:
I opened the studio in 2010, right after renovating it all, my Mom got sick with cancer. Six Months later the studio was flooded for the first time with 120cm water – new beginning.
Re-opening end of 2011. Being with my Mom, enjoying every week with her until she died in 2013. Half a year after, summer of 2014, second flood!


In the fall of 2014 re-opening – again
In May 2015 after a long love affair with workshops nourishing my Nia and movement as a lifestyle practice my entry to the Soul Motion School began.


I love that I get to re-begin. Learn new skills and re-vistiting old teachings from a new perspectives
Back in 2010 the name was for a studio to teach Nia
Later Soul Motion, YogaStretch, 1:1 private sessions and Mastery of Self has surfaced… so yea, the studio will re-begin as well


If you wonder… Yes, all precautions are done for no water to enter again
I did hear the signs of maybe flood number two was a time to re-locate.
But no, I chose this magical location with lovely windows, my own little garden, a unique space – and I’m here to stay!


Entering December as 2016 danced its last dances, I dared to ask the lady who I always wished for to help me with my “ visual look”
Thank you Anneli Molin-Skelton.
This creative process of creating The New has been an amazing journey both on the in- and outside of my skin.
I could not have wished for a better angel and co-driver holding and supporting me the way you do.
So as the studio’s ends a cycle, turning 7 years the 6th of February 2017 the new name will launch
I find that the new name embraces and holds all that I in deep honor share.
Both as space, for classes, workshops, inspirations for moving through life, I welcome you to Be moved movement · joy · life


Dive into the pages and feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or questions
For every one that have cheered and assisted in this journey I bow and thank you deeply


From Copenhagen with love,