Friends – Soul Motion® is the lifework of Vinn Arjuna Martí. – Nia’s international website. Find teachers and trainings. – Nia Belt Trainings and skillful workshops worldwide.

spiritweaves – Michael and Anneli Molin-Skelton Soul Motion and Open Floor and their miracle called Jaylan, beautiful beings touching my heart and soul over and over again.

edgar spieker-de – friend and fellow traveller. The one that got me onto the Soul Motion dance floor. A great inspiration and I’m forever grateful.

transformative dance – Zuza Engler – a journey across the ever changing landscape og the body through the soul in motion. Dear teacher of mine and a great inspiration in relationships, movement and love.

madrona mind body institute – well being and moving art center in port townsend and home of the Soul Motion School.

2pm Management – an intelligence-driven model agency implementing physical as well as mindful education for talents, working on core values​, dealing with responsibility, intercultural respect and general health in the fashion business.

open floor denmark  – Gunvor Brandt sharing her passion. Open floor movement practice is a lively, sweaty full-on dance inquiry. – dear friend and dance angel who deepened my yoga practice with her linear and precise approach as well as my entry to Aurvedic lifestyle. Her aurvedic massages are the best self nourishment I can give myself.