Roots and Wings Soul Motion® Workshop

To feel free, to live an autonomous and happy life is probably one of the deepest desires that many people share. The environment we live in plays an important role here. However, the subjective feeling of freedom seems to be even more dependent on inner, physical, and psy- chological factors.

There is an important counterpart to freedom that is essential for real liberation: we also need a sense of stability and safety. We need roots that we can let grow in our own time, which nourish us and give us support.

Both poles, freedom and stability, show up in our body. If we let something go, our body will also feel relieved. If we are wobbly on our feet, we rarely have the strength to jump into the fullness of life. In Soul Motion we use this body knowledge to nd safety in the here & now and to free ourselves through the dance.

This is exactly what this weekend is about. Through the dance, sometimes gently and profound- ly, sometimes powerful and bold, we explore our ability to grow roots. We follow our intuition, spread out our wings and soar up into the skies of our longings.

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Friday 23rd of February: 6.30-8.30pm
Saturday 24th of February: 11am- 5pm
Sunday 25th of February : 10am-4.00pm

Full Weekend: 2100 DKK
Early bird: 1900DKK by paying before 15th of January 2018
15% for students/unemployed
Hørsholmsgade 20
2200 Copenhagen N, opgang C (through the yeard)

Camilla Steen Larsen
phone: +45 20 949470