“ Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows.”
~ Native American Proverb

Camilla Steen Larsen is a certified Nia Black Belt Teacher and a Fitness and WellBeing Lifestyle Educator. She is educated in Qi-Going, the Biyun-method – a more than 5000 years old chineese healing method. In 2016 Camilla celebrated her 25 year anniversary in teaching dance and movement, and she has recently finished the Soul Motion® Teacher Training in May 2017.

In 2006 after a big life change Camilla went to Nia International Headquarter in Portland, Oregon where she met the founders of Nia and took her first belt in Nia – the White Belt. The path was chosen – she knew that the bridge between dance, power, expression of self, along with the peace and inner focus from Qi-Gong was found.

Camilla has an interesting life story and a lot of experience to match it. Through that Camilla is a great motivator for many people. She teaches students as well of other movement teachers, in both Denmark and abroad, who all have the same goal; to find their way through the body.

In 2010 she opened Denmarks first Nia Studio, StudioNiaCph in Copenhagen – now Be moved Studio. She inspires and guides people in lifestyle, gives motivational talks, offers private sessions and always has ongoing exciting projects.

Camilla develops trainings and classes for personal development combined with movement and motion. Latest her 6 Month Training Mastery of Self setting sails in October 2017.

Through personal guidance and physical adjustments in the way we move, Camilla creates wide-range results.

”Conscious Movement is my passion, when changing old movement habits – physical as well as mental – the body is a great place to begin and our thoughts will soon follow.”
”Moving through life is a process in constant movement. To walk down the street makes me swing the beat – I’m dancing.”

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”Camilla is such a powerful soul. You can’t help being positively affected by her unbelievable energy and her amazing mood. She is an outstanding teacher and there is no one else, who can make me dance the way I dance when I am at Be moved. It is where I feel there is room for me – just the way I am – and where I am challenged as well. I love Camilla’s teachings!”
~ Signe

”I often come exhausted or tense and stressed to class, when I leave I am filled with energy. I am in contact with myself and I feel that I have more than enough in energy and calmness. Camilla has such a contagious energy and she is an amazing teacher. She allows every one in the room to be who they are and she has a great deal of integrity. Her classes are always a total energy boost for the body and mind – and nevertheless a playground for the soul.”