Be Moved

“Right here where you and I stand, we shall behold a true and radiant world.
In that world, we shall dance only our divine essence”

~ Ruth St. Denis

Be moved

an amazing movement space for you and I to step into and feel a homecoming
a dance community allowing us to let our true colors shine
an union of movement forms through one body of work
a continuum practice that will guide, hold and support you
a motivational journey taking roots in your body’s way



is fusion fitness form creating sustainability in the body. East meets west combining dancing arts, martial arts and healing arts. Move to feel, feel to heal.

Soul Motion

is conscious movement practice. Embodied presence occupies the 360° space around us
Set your soul in motion. Include the excluded.


Yoga Stretch

is rooted in Chinese medicine focusing on intrinsic muscle awareness. Free flow of qi and all body circulation. Nervous system relaxes and your body’s ancient wisdom is awakened.


Mastery of Self

is a module training program for teachers and dancers of life
Self is your new master


Private Sessions

is meeting your body where it is. Find your yes by setting your truth in motion.
Motivation Through Movement. 


Earth Vibes

is Nia and Soul Motion conscious movement practices taking roots in the practice of medical qigong and what Camilla calls it when sharing her body of work internationally.


In Be moved we accompany the teacher to receive the teaching.
Everyone is necessary.
We are One – let us come in unity wherever we are.